The progressive left in America is demonstrating their allegiance to their big government slave masters by calling for the murder of local police officers. It is time for the productive American citizens to get off the fence, stop making excuses and declare your allegiance to the United States of America and its founding principles. 

During the Crossbreed Holsters SOTG Homeroom segment, Paul and Jarrad remind us of the importance of training and continued practice. Physical skills, and that includes shooting skills, are indeed perishable and need to be maintained.

(Original Publish Date: 7/14/2016 | Original Episode #: 417)

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) chant “Shoot Cops” and “What do we want, DEAD COPS!”
  • Ashamed to be an American?
  • My Dinner with Andre from 1981 describes today’s reality
  • Clinton Crime Family, Hillary Clinton was in charge of the Bimbo Eruptions while Bill was running for president
  • My Dinner with Andre from 1981
  • SOTG Homeroom brought to you by Crossbreed Holsters
    • Practice when it’s hot, cold, under and circumstances, physical skills are perishable
  • Student of the Gun launches on AppleTV tomorrow, July 15th, 2016!



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Video captured from Saturday’s protests in New York City appeared to show demonstrators apparently calling for the deaths of police officers, hours before violence on the Brooklyn Bridge marred the massive march in protest of police killings of black men, including Eric Garner on Staten Island.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a few dozen protesters marching down Fifth Avenue at 32nd Street Saturday afternoon. After a few seconds of chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot,” the demonstrators changed their cry, apparently yelling out in unison “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

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The Star-Spangled Banner survived the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air – only to face a modern-day threat – silly town ordinances and petty bureaucrats.

I’m not sure if it’s an epidemic of anti-American nincompoopery sweeping across the fruited plain or if it’s a general lack of common sense. Maybe it’s both. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

In Lexington, South Carolina Marine veteran Bob Michaelis was told to remove a patriotic display from his mattress company.

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