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Renowned internet Firearms Expert and leader of the NFAC, Grandmaster Jay, has been arrested and faces multiple charges. This situation is most troubling for American gun owners who wait patiently each day for GM Jay to dispense his wisdom.

We have a Warrior of the Week Question; “What do I need for cold weather/winter training?” Professor Paul and Jarrad will consider some valuable gear for those wishing to train in cold weather, particularly those coming up to Wyoming soon.

What truly makes a good Dungeon Master? That and other topics are all part of today’s show. Don’t miss it.

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  • [0:02:30] DnD Discussion
  • [0:09:00] Warrior of the Week
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    • TOPIC: What do I need for cold weather/winter training? – QAnon
      • Keep feet warm/dry; wool socks, waterproof boots (Irish Setter Boots)
      • Keep hands warm/dry; mechanix winter gloves, ski gloves, remember dexterity is important
      • Keep head warm/dry; fleece/wool/fur hat if no helmet. If helmet, use material specific to helmet
      • Tinted glasses to protect eyes from bright sun reflecting off snow
      • Bring layers so you can shed them as it gets warmer
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  • [0:32:00] Firearms Expert, Grandmaster Jay explains Negligent Discharge in Louisville
  • [0:38:40] “NFAC” Black Nationalist Militia Leader Grandmaster Jay Charged With Threatening, Brandishing Guns at Police Officers
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The leader of the “Not F****** Around Coalition” black nationalist militia was federally charged with brandishing a rifle at police officers in September. “Grand Master Jay,” real name John Fitzgerald Johnson, had been present at a Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville, and it’s alleged he pointed an AR-style rifle at police officers present within the Jefferson County courthouse.

Grand Master Jay is being charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers of employees in federal court for the western district of Kentucky. The “NFAC” militia he leads attained notoriety for a series of confrontational and heavily armed protest marches targeting law enforcement.

Jay has spoken openly of his support for black secession from the United States, advocating that his followers form a “new black nation.”

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