Fingerless Gloves and Understanding the Team

Should you wear fingerless gloves for training? When is the perfect time for fingerless gloves? Our Warrior of the Week has a question about gloves for training and shooting. What do we recommend? Professor Paul is happy to address that inquiry.

What is the difference between a bunch of guys who all like guns and a team? Also, what does it take to turn several individuals into a functioning team? Paul and Jarrad consider in detail the importance of having a team for the coming winter.

With all of the information available, why does it seem that retention of said information is so difficult these days? Once more, we tackle the serious issues and consider one way to improve the retention of important information.

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  • Understanding the Team
    • The Most Important asset during a crisis is not guns and ammo, it is a team
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The Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide is a follow up to the original PFT Manual. The Equipment Guide gives specific and detailed recommendations and guidelines for preparing and equipping a team of like-minded individuals to deal with natural and manmade disasters.

Think of the Patriot Fire Team as a Neighborhood Watch program only instead of whistles and flashlights, this neighborhood watch team has rifles and body armor. Whistles and flashlights are not going to stop gangs of criminals from looting and burning your neighborhood to the ground.

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