What does Professor Paul consider to be the 3 stupid or detrimental things that gunmakers keep putting on Defensive Pistols that are supposed to be for self-defense? Why does this keep happening? Is there a solution?

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During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we consider the newest offering from Smith & Wesson in the concealed carry category. As an added bonus, we remind you about the fighting sights available for said pistol.

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[0:30:23] Marvel Dumbness – Firing the Whole Bullet
[0:35:00] 3 Stupid Things Gunmakers Keep Putting on Defensive Pistols
– • 3-Dot Sights
– • Oversized Controls
– • Carving Holes into Slides
– • Holes in Magazines

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From www.studentofthegun.com/articles:

“If it wasn’t a good idea, the manufacturer would not have put it there.” That was the response I received from an acquaintance when I ranted about stupid things that gunmakers put on their pistols.

To be fair, I would never attempt to question a firearms manufacturer with 100 years experience when it comes to safe chamber pressures, the correct use of rifling, or how to harden and temper steel.

Nonetheless, there is a difference between making something that works and using said object in the field. Throughout history, there have been myriad products that looked good on the engineer’s table, but were miserable failures in the real world.

John Denver died because the engineers of the new airplane he was flying put the auxiliary fuel tank switch in a place where it was very difficult for the pilot to reach.

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