The unhinged criminals in Washington DC have made it plain that they stop at nothing, to include ignoring the US Constitution and the Courts, in order to disarm the lawful-abiding. One political criminal went so far as to refer to Constitutional Rights as “bullsh*t”.

During our SOTG Homeroom, we have yet one more example as to why it is critical for responsible adults to be armed to defend children from harm, even the harm caused by animal attacks.

Professor Paul has put a new Duracoat finish on his PSL-54. Also, we will consider what you should be looking to purchase before the criminals in DC push people back into panic buy mode.

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  • [0:00:00] Prof. Paul watched the first episode of “Pistol” the Sex Pistols biopic
  • [0:11:13] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
    • TOPIC: PSL dress in new Summer Mission Specific Duracoat
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  • [0:25:34] Brownells Bullet Points –
    • TOPIC: What should you have before the Democrats send the normies back into “panic mode”?
  • [0:45:56] SOTG Homeroom –
  • [0:54:50] Nigeria: Gunmen kill dozens in satanic attack on Catholic church
  • [1:02:36] Dem Congressman Warns America: We Will Stop at Nothing Until We Confiscate Your Guns
  • [1:13:51] Democratic Rep David Cicilline Tells Matt Gaetz ‘Spare Me the Bulls—‘ During Gun Control Debate (Video)
    • The US Constitution CREATED the office of President, the Senate and the House. They have NO Authority outside of the Constitution.

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A cougar attacked a 9-year-old girl on the morning of Saturday, May 28. Lily Kryzhanivskyy was playing outside at a camp near Fruitland, Washington with two friends when the cougar attacked. Kryzhanivskyy tried to defend herself while her friends ran to get adults to help, according to the Associated Press.

The adults rushed to help the young girl and found her covered in blood. She was quickly airlifted to a hospital to receive treatment. According to a GoFundMe set up by the victim’s family to help cover medical expenses, Kryzhanivskyy underwent several hours of surgery for injuries to her upper body and face and went into a coma following the attack. On May 30, Alex Mantsevich, the organizer of the fundraiser, posted an update on Kryzhanivskyy’s condition.

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Congressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) warned law-abiding gun owners that Democrats will do everything in their power to ensure AR-15s and similar types of firearms are confiscated during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

The hearing was to consider H.R. 7910, the “Protecting Our Kids Act,” which would raise the legal age to purchase “certain semiautomatic centerfire rifles or semiautomatic centerfire shotguns” from 18 to 21 with “exceptions.” The bill will also “modernize the prohibition on untraceable firearms [and] encourage the safe storage of firearms.”

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