What kind of insurance should gun carriers / gun owners have? What is the difference? We are pleased to have as our special guest, Rick J. Lindsey, the CEO of XInsurance. Rick will clear the air and give us the straight, unapologetic answers to our questions. 

Are you a Metalhead? Duracoat has a finish for you. What is the “buy” price for ammo stock? During our Brownells Bullet Points, Professor Paul will consider the adjusted “buy now” price for training ammunition. 

A father in Tulsa, Oklahoma was forced to deal with a home invader who broke into his child’s bedroom. During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we will once more examine the importance of being dangerous on demand.

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  1. [0:11:55] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
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    Brownells | CrossBreed | Duracoat Firearm Finishes | Hi-Point Firearms
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    • TOPIC: Home Invasion; Are You Prepared to be DoD?
    • Dad with machete protects family after man breaks into kid’s room, Oklahoma cops say www.kansascity.com/news
  5. [0:47:10] Concealed Carry Insurance & Other Topics from Rick, CEO of XINSURANCE


From www.kansascity.com/news:

A family sleeping in the middle of the night was awoken when a man trying to hide from police picked their house to break into, authorities in Oklahoma said.

The man had broke out a window of a child’s bedroom, then forced his way into the room, according to a news release from the Tulsa Police Department. Officers with the department were called to the home at about 2 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Meanwhile, police said the homeowner was trying to get his kids and wife to safety…

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  1. Ok, is it true insurance? What type of risk pooling is used? Other types of self defense insurance isn’t really insurance at least not in the legal sense to call it insurance and is more like a membership program, not to say there isn’t a big benefit to it. Technically insurance is the contractual transfer of risk and is supposed to put you in as close to a pre-loss condition as possible after the loss has been settled.
    – Moses H from Discord
  2. How can I promote XINSURANCE  in my office?
    – From Discord
  3. My biggest thing is appeals. Anything can happen that can cause you to be convicted so do they appeal convictions?
    – Ryan B from Discord
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