Why is the world threatened with famine and what can you do about it? We closely examine the threat to not only the United States food supply, but to that entire world. We have several sources for you to consider. 

During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we have a Go Team moment where a woman saved her husband by using her concealed handgun. The seasons are changing. Is it time for a new Duracoat Finish? Remember the Mission Specific coating. Also, during our Brownells Bullet Point, we follow up on our previous discussion on red dot sights. Brownells is offering a brand new closed emitter optic.

Lastly, we are excited to learn of a new Christmas Story movie. Are you looking for a wholesome family activity during the holiday season? We have a suggestion for you.

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From www.cbs58.com:

Shots fired sent shoppers scrambling outside a Meijer store in Greenfield. It happened in September. Surveillance and body cam video released today reveal the shocking scene as it unfolded.

The morning of Sept. 28 found shoppers and workers walking and driving through this parking lot. But, the plans for three of them changed dramatically because of a dispute between strangers.

A chaotic scene as Greenfield police responded the morning of Sept. 28. From store surveillance we see a blue Toyota 4-runner. A husband and wife in it were leaving Meijer in search of her favorite hash browns.

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From www.merlofarminggroup.com:

An explosion at the world’s largest chemical facility has killed two firefighters and shut down production. The explosion at BASF’s Germany plant near Frankfurt shut down the four square mile complex Monday that makes raw chemicals for BASF products. BASF is the world’s largest chemical company and says the facility is likely to face a prolonged shutdown. The complex is home to some 39,000 BASF employees.

An extended shutdown may tighten earnings for BASF and benefit Dow Chemical, according to Bloomberg. There’s no word yet on how the shutdown might impact the production of BASF’s agriculture chemicals. BASF never joined the merger and acquisition trend within the agriculture chemical industry but did reportedly enter talks with Monsanto to sell-off BASF’s agriculture-solutions unit. However, that was before Bayer and Monsanto agreed on a merger worth $66 billion.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.

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