Today we have a belated Christmas gift for you all. Paul interviews his old friend Cork Graham. Cork and Paul are both Cold Warriors. Yes, we will talk about what that means. 

Where is the United States of America headed? Is there any history that we can use as a guide or a warning? Our guest considers the history of socialism in the world and what we can expect. 

What happens when the people surrender control of farming and food production to the government? Does the government ensure that there is more food than the people can eat? You had better pay attention to this part of the show. Or don’t, we live and die by the decisions we make. 

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Enjoy the show! And remember…
You’re a Beginner Once, a Student For Life!

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Haunted by childhood memories of Saigon during the 1968 Tet Offensive, Frederick “Cork” Graham hatches a harebrained scheme in the spring of 1983. He withdraws from his first year in college and uses his school funds to purchase photography equipment and a plane ticket for Thailand.

After harrowing events in search of a first big story along the Laotian border, Graham takes to sea and is imprisoned by the Vietnamese.

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