How do you choose the right ammo for your rifle? Do some bullet weights and style work better in rifles than others? Professor Paul considers this and shares his experience during our Brownells Bullet Points segment.

We have a serious question to address during our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters. Why do otherwise reasonable and intelligent adults in the United States go about their lives unarmed?

Also, we have part two of our interview with Scott Hambrick of Online Great Books. Listen louder and enjoy.

Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • The ASVAB Marine Corps Test is more rigorous than the Air Force (Take That)
  • We have hit 10k on our IG account, meaning that the Giveaway will initiate soon! (If it has not already)
  • Brownells Bullet Points –
    • Picking the right ammo for your rifle. It makes a difference!
  • SOTG Homeroom
    • Why do normally reasonable adult humans not carry guns?
    • Use Promo: SOTG18 at to save money
  • Part #2 of the Scott Hambrick interview! This is an awesome conversation.



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I think my story is typical. I never, ever participated in any sort of athletic activity as a young person. Not one quarter, down or inning. My driver’s license at age 16 read 6’2″ and 143 pounds. I was an underweight male. I got married to Charity, another coach here, at 22 years old and worked hard to build a business and a life.

By age 34 I was fat and detrained. One morning I got out of breath while tying my shoes and decided to change it. I hired a “trainer”, restricted my calories and proceeded to lose 53 pounds. It was hard, I was constantly hungry, my bench press never went up and I was skinny fat 179 pounds.

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