What actually happened at the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021? Was it, as the media says, a “riot”? What do we actually know and what information is being kept from us? Paul, Jarrad, and Zach will discuss what we know rather than what people think. 

Also, what has changed in the United States? After January 20th will we be able to trust the election process again? Will Big Tech stop silencing and censoring the people? Will the courts go back to doing their jobs? Will the MSM stop lying for one party? 

These questions are critical and we must confront the facts that are before us if our children and grandchildren hope to live in a free nation.

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  • [0:00:13] “10” Codes
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  • [0:10:00] Capital Building: What We Know
    • Media calls Jan 6 event riot, BLM/Antifa events were peaceful protests 
    • Video of rally A lot of people were at the rally, why didn’t more people occupy the building? Answer: Because it wasn’t us. What would the purpose be?
    • Video of Capitol Police moving barriers – What to make of this?
    • BLM/Antifa protesters entered the capitol building.
    • The constitution?
  • Questions about the video of the police shooting the woman
  • “A free man does not consult with slaves, nor do the strong take counsel from the weak.”
    • Nothing has changed. The Democrats still committed the greatest instance of fraud in the history of our nation. The Media is still censoring and silencing any dissent. The Courts refuse to hear the evidence.

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