Citing three specific crimes, Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs filed Articles of Impeachment against the illegitimate occupant of the White House, Sniffy Joe. Rather than cower like Mitch McConnell, Gibbs and numerous other cosigners stepped up and did the right thing.

Also, the legacy or mainstream media treatment of the above story has demonstrated once more their blatant hypocrisy and one-sided news reporting. One has to only look back a year or two to view the difference in reporting from then to now.

Professor Paul considers what to do with the leftover Duracoat you have after you have completed your project. Do you remember the ‘sexy can’ contest? Zach takes us back with a slide show.

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[0:39:30] GOP Rep. Gibbs Files 3 Articles of Impeachment Against Biden
  – Impeachment history

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House Republicans, led by Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, have filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, citing the border crisis, chaotic and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, and attempted to break constitutional law on extending the eviction ban.

Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Brian Babin, R-Texas, and Randy Weber, R-Texas, signed on to the three-pronged complaint — even if the Democrat-controlled House under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are sure to ignore it, Gibbs told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

And despite Democrats holding only a slim majorities in the House and the Senate, Vice President Kamala Harris can cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

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