One of the seals might have cracked, Sniffy Joe Biden, the potato living in our White House was forced to admit in public that communism is bad and a failed system. We have to wonder what his masters at the CCP will have to say about that.

During our Duracoat Finished Firearm segment, Professor Paul will break out a genuine Colt rifle; the LE901. What makes the LE901 unique as an AR style gun? You might be surprised.

What is the benefit of having a light mounted to your home defense weapon?  Paul will address that question in detail. Also, we have a unique, new live training event for you; the PFT Training Camp.

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• [0:17:22] Too Little Too Late? Biden Finally Admits the Truth About the ‘C’ Word
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During a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, President Joe Biden was asked about Cuba, where people are protesting the oppressive Communist regime.

“Communism is a failed system, universally failed system,” Biden admitted. “I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute, but that’s another story,” he continued without elaborating.

He went on to say that “Cuba is a, uh, unfortunately, a failed state and oppressing their citizens. There are a number of things that we could consider doing to help the people of Cuba, but it would require a different circumstance or a guarantee that they would not be taken advantage of by the government.”

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