2021 has not been the best year so far, in terms of how this country has been progressing. One of those issues has been the absolute egregious failings from the criminals who have taken charge of this country.

During this omnibus sort of compilation, Prof. Paul talks about various different events and crap-shows that have occurred under Biden’s rule, many of them being a direct result of his actions. Also, while we didn’t talk about it on the shows, just a reminder that Joe Biden, his first month in office, signed an executive order to uncap the price of insulin. Just so you remember.

Since Jarrad and Prof. Paul are on the road this week, we’re doing something a little different for radio today & tomorrow. This is going to be a compilation of segments from this year of Radio, hand-picked by Zach. You’re welcome.

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• [0:04:03] Biden Reminds Gun Owners the Government Has Nuclear Weapons
    – OG Episode: The Predator .22 Nosler AR & Biden will Nuke You | SOTG 1066
• [0:18:44] Biden Enemies of the State list: “White House Unveils Strategy to Combat Domestic Extremism”
    – OG Episode: The Government Cannot Keep You Safe | SOTG 1071
• [0:29:42] Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos as they try to surrender AND Afghan Commandos Have Been Betrayed and Al Qaeda fighters, freed from Kabul jail by the Taliban
    – OG Episode: How Democrats Betrayed our Allies and 9/11 Anniversary | SOTG 1081
• [0:54:56] Sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans
    – OG Episode: Biden Declares Himself King | SOTG 1088
• [1:18:12] ISIS-Recruited Kabul Bomber Who Murdered 13 U.S. Troops Was Freed From Bagram Prison After Biden Withdrawal, Indian Media Claims
    – OG Episode: Biden Let Kabul Bomber Walk Free | SOTG 1091

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