An Alaska man is lucky to be alive after a recent brown bear attack in the Last Frontier. What lessons can we learn from yet one more wild animal attack? We discuss this in detail during our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters.

During this week’s Brownells Bullet Points, Professor Paul will enumerate three things that you should consider before you buy another gun. What are they? 

Target has announced that they will no longer sell Pokemon or sports trading cards in their stores. Why would they make such a decision? What reason is behind this move?  

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Target will stop selling all sports and Pokémon trading cards on shelves after a man was attacked over the red-hot collectibles, company officials said.

The move, effective Friday, is out of an “abundance of caution” for staff and shoppers following the violent confrontation last week outside a Target in Wisconsin that involved a victim pulling a gun on four men who attacked him during a disagreement over sports trading cards.

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HORROR pictures show the terrifying injuries suffered by a surveyor after he was mauled by a bear in a wood leaving him with deep wounds to his head.

Allen Dewitt Minish, 61, was alone and surveying land in a remote part of Alaska for a real estate agent on Tuesday morning when he saw the large brown bear walking 30 feet away.

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