Be a good victim or be a good witness, both of these are synonymous and go together. Oakland, California has a new Chief of Police or 4-Star General, we are a bit confused by that. We will consider this situation during our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters. 

The Oakland Chief has some advice for dealing with out of control crime; “be a good witness”. Yep, that will stop criminals. If history has taught us anything, it is that giving in to criminals reduced crime. Or does it? 

During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, we will once more go to the Emergency and Survival Gear section.  Specifically, Paul and Jarrad will talk about practical and effective ways to store fresh water in your home in case of emergency.


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Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong is urging residents not to arm themselves, after a resident opened fire on a robbery suspect Monday night in Chinatown.

“When weapons are fired in our community, there could be unintended victims,” said Armstrong Tuesday afternoon. “We don’t want our business owners or others to begin to arm themselves. We would really prefer them to be good witnesses.”

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