Have you ever had a Bad Pizza Day? Two would-be armed robbers in Ohio recently had a very bad day thanks to the actions of an armed citizen. We have several lessons to be learned during our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters.

During our Brownells Bullet Points, Paul and Jarrad consider using the right ammo, and magazines, for the job. Do some types of ammunition run more efficiently in certain firearms? We’ll consider the topic.

Also, German police are baffled after a “migrant” went on a killing spree and stabbed numerous people to death in a shopping center in that country. Could they have seen that coming?

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—-TOPIC: “Bad Pizza Day”, Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills Man During Attempted Robbery in Ohio www.officer.com
[0:29:08] Man accidentally shoots himself in face at gun range www.newsnationnow.com
• [0:39:15] Police Seek Answers After Fatal Knife Attack in Germany www.officer.com

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• “Man accidentally shoots himself” www.newsnationnow.com


From www.officer.com/investigations:

A delivery driver shot and killed a man attempting to rob a Papa John’s restaurant late Sunday night, according to reports.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office says Gage Melton, 21, died after he was shot during the attempted robbery, WHIO Channel 7 reports. A second person involved in the robbery was able to run away from the scene and remains at-large.

Authorities tell WDTN Channel 2 that two men, both wearing masks, entered the Papa John’s at about 11 p.m. Sunday. A worker who called 911 said one of the suspects was armed with a crowbar while the other appeared to be holding a knife.

“They came sprinting in and ran up on us fast,” the worker said during the call, according to WDTN.

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From www.officer.com/tactical:

Police investigations into a fatal knife attack in the southern German city of Wuerzburg have yielded first results on Saturday, as the population was still reeling.

Three people were killed in a department store in the center of Wuerzburg on Friday and all of them were female, police said during a press conference. Six of the seven people injured were also women; one was a male youth.

It was unclear whether the alleged attacker, a 24-year-old migrant, had targeted women on purpose or if it was a coincidence, police said.

Immediately before the attack, the suspect had asked for knives in a department store, then took one from the display and stabbed the salesperson, wounding her fatally.

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