Are you Armed at Home, even in the daytime? During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we consider a deadly home invasion that occurred in the middle of the day.

Did we learn our lesson after we were lied to and bullied for three years? What do the WEF elitists have in store for the world of the future? 

During our Brownells Bullet Points we will consider our recent long range rifle class and what kind of hardware you might require. Do you need to spend thousands on a rifle and scope to shoot at distance? 

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In a violent episode that unfolded on the 900 block of McCallister Road in Dothan, Alabama, a man was fatally shot by a homeowner after he forcefully entered the house and began assaulting an individual inside. The suspect, identified as 55-year-old Charles Kevin Sexton from Ashford, Alabama, was seeking his ex-girlfriend, whom he believed to be at the location.

The Dothan Houston County E911 Center received a distress call at approximately 12:20 PM on Saturday, July 29, 2023, reporting that the caller had just shot an intruder. The suspect had forced entry into the residence and assaulted another individual.

Police accounts indicate that Sexton, a passenger in a vehicle that arrived at the scene, exited and aggressively forced his way into the house through the main entrance. Upon meeting resistance from the homeowner at a second door, Sexton overpowered him and proceeded to kick down a third door.

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Alright, so third time's a charm. Welcome to Student of the Gun Radio episode number 1200. Yes, I know we have way more than that, but officially, chronologically, we are 1200, 1200 plus. What are we going to talk about today? Armed at home? Should I be armed at home? We've had people say, don't, I don't carry a gun on me when I'm in my own house.

Not paranoid like you. Okay, cool. Did we learn our lesson? Question mark? Did we as a country, as a people, as planet Earth, did planet Earth learn its lesson? Maybe yes, maybe no. I'm going to talk a little bit about PFT training camp, what we did, what we do.

Got to brown those bullet points for you and well, anything else it is that we feel like we need to talk about that's going to happen today on this super cool bonus hour. It's not a bonus hour. The super cool fantastical episode of Student of the Gun Radio. Welcome to student of the Gun Radio planting freedom Seed since 2013.

Here we don't just talk about guns and gear. We also discuss current events and politics because guns are politics. Now sit back, relax, and allow today's episode to drip ever so gently into your ear. Please welcome your co hosts, founder, mastermind media and consulting group, Jarrad Markel and the shipping ogre Zach.

Now give it up to your beloved host, the Pinpoint of America, professor Paul Markel.

Yes indeed. Yes indeed.

So here I am. Here you are. Here we are. And we're going to do this. I don't know about you guys, but I was woken this morning at zero dark 30 by claps and rolls of thunder and it is raining right now. And I was actually a little bit worried because when the thunder was hitting, I was like, oh crap, is it going to take the power out?

Is it going to take the internet out? But it didn't. It would only do that on a recording day. It's the only time that that would oh yeah, like we get thunderstorms, what, three times a year? Yeah, not this year. We've gotten quite a few this year. Yeah, well, driving through from, I think it's called Parley's Canyon, from Salt Lake Valley to Park City, it is the greenest that I've ever seen it.

It's so beautiful. If you're on the road this year and you have an opportunity to drive through Utah, Wyoming area, I highly recommend that drive. And if you're in the valley and you're a local provoke canyon and the Alpine loop is just amazing this year.

Yeah, I actually sent a picture to Dr. Dan

from the back porch of the mountain and he's like, wow, that is really. Green,

beautiful. It's almost like they don't know what to complain, you know, too much water, not enough.

When last month when they put the signs out that said restrict your Water usage, I was like, all right, just go ahead and go ahead and pump the brakes on that one, jack yeah, I did a little bit of research on that. I think it was because of a failure of a pump or some kind of technical failure of an item that shouldn't have failed at this time.

So what that tells me is that maintenance wasn't done in the down years when it should have been done.

Yeah, that's what I said. That's malfeasance when we had more water this year than we have in the last 25 or 50 years, depending on who you talk to. And in June, they're like, Restrict your water usage. Excuse me,

that sounds like a you problem, not a me problem.

That's right. That's like when you show up on the shooting line, you don't have ammunition for your gun. That would be a you problem, not a B problem. That's right.

Well, questions and answers if you guys are in the discord right now yes, indeed. If you're in the discord right now. We're in the discord right now. And you can ask questions, and the boys will pay attention to the discord comments, and then they will forward them if they believe that they are pertinent.

I'm going to ask a question. I Paul Markel. I'm going to oppose a question to you, Jarrad Markel so about a month ago, four weeks ago, we did the first Patriot Fire Team training camp of the year, and you were there, and you helped teach it, and you participated in it.

So my question to you is what part of that training or was there a part of the training that stuck out for you as valuable or important or you actually learned something new? Yeah, the land navigation portion, every time you because you're so experienced with it, there's just things that fall out of your noggin that you I don't know if you realize that that happens, but I've been with you and doing this class in Land NAV type stuff for, I don't know, a long time now.

And every time you teach the Land NAV portion, there's always something new that comes out.

That's the one that stuck out to me, because there's so much in that one portion of the class. I think that we could probably do, like, a two to five day class just on Land NAV, but in this PFT training camp, the amount of information that is packed into it is

kind of amazing to think about. And we've actually had feedback from the students. They're like, hey, this is great because we get an overview of so many. Different things. And then being in the immersive environment, you don't just stop. You don't leave the range at 05:00 P.m., and then you stop learning or whatever.

You're still in that immersive environment. Even when we're done with the technical training portion of the day, there's still things that you're learning the whole time that you're there. So that's what stuck out to me, the land NAV portion of the class. Yeah. I think it's a safe assessment that the learning continues the entire time.

As long as you're awake,

the learning is continuing. So, yes, at the PFT training camp, we do land navigation, and we do team tactics, we do communications, we do signaling, verbal, nonverbal daytime, nighttime. It's the right time. It's always the right time for student of the Gun, but what do we have there? Zach, will you drop the link into the show notes for people to see if you would?

But the enrollment, we had a great time the very first weekend of July, and we had some people we had several people actually, that posted comments. They're like, oh, I just couldn't because it was too soon, or that was not a good weekend, or whatever, but I really want to get into it.

I'm like, okay, I'm taking you at your word. And we scheduled another one for the first weekend of September 2023 in Utah. So unzo, all you have to do is go to and look up training. Or you can just follow the hyperlink that is in the show notes, and if you follow the hyperlink that is in the show notes, then that will take you directly right where you need to be.

And that's that cat and hat, and that's that. And if you missed the precision rifle class, the long range precision rifle class, or high elevation one that we did this last weekend, we're going to talk a little bit about it today. Yes, indeed.

Let me make sure I'm covering everything. So we do land navigation, map encompass, reading, team tactics, and patrolling fieldcraft and outdoor survival. That's the one I forgot. Comms and signaling, night operations, leadership traits and principles, and live fire. Yes, indeed. And when we do the live fire, we do it as a team.

We do team tactics, live fire, which is something you're probably not going to get at your local range. I'm guessing you're probably not going to get team tactics, live fire from your local concealed carry permit class. Or maybe you do, I don't know. Maybe you got a really forward thinking instructor.

What do you think the chances of that are, Jarrad, at a public range? It's very slim.

Slim to zero. Yeah, slim to zero. You probably have a dude that wears a red hat with one sleeve cut off as a range safety officer. Yeah. No rapid fire.

Stand on the yellow line. Toes on the yellow line.

I hate to disappoint you guys, but we don't have any painted yellow lines on our range

or white lines. No. Matter of fact, we do all our shooting from the 6.4 yard line.

Just like what? Yeah. Is that, like, 5 meters or what is

all right, moving on. Moving on. Moving on. So, let's see. How do I want to jump into this? Well, I guess we could talk about it during the brownrolls bullet points with the Frog Lubage. But Frog Lube is now a sponsor, or they're back again. They were a sponsor.

They're back again. They are with us, and we need you to show them some love. Go to and use the promotional code SOTG that's part of the studentofthegun culture. Studentofthegun comculture. If you go to studentofthegun comculture, what you'll find there is you'll find the companies that are participating in our promo codes and our discount codes and the SOTG, like defiant munitions.

SOTG, get yourself some maps. SOTG crossfreed holsters, SOTG Frog Lube, SOTG and when you go to Brownells, use the promo code. SOTG at brownells. Those are all ways you can save money, get discounts, and most importantly, let's face it, the most important thing for you guys right now is to make sure or that you're letting our sponsors know that you're paying attention.

And that you're out there and that their sponsorship of Student of the Gun actually means something

that's kind of important in this day and age. High point firearms. I hear rumblings and rumors that things are shaking up in Ohio. Did you hear that, Jarrad? That things are shaking up in Ohio? Yeah, Jarrad heard that, too. You might have felt some of the seismic waves over here in the West Coast.

This is when the people who know are like, really?

And the people who don't are like, what is he talking about, man? Was there an earthquake in

Know? No, but things are shaking and rumbling in Ohio, IO, and pretty soon they're going to break free. Zach, do we have a new video on? this week?

That is a great question. Maybe because we were out of town and stuff was happening, so no, that's okay. I actually don't remember that's. All right. Our entire video library there, so that helps. We do have an entire video [email protected]. Jukesy. J u XXI J U Xxijuksi is an independent video platform that is not reliant on YouTube.

I say again, not reliant on YouTube. Well and they are not reliant on Google to host their stuff. Their

guys go ahead. There actually is something that we haven't really hammered on very much that we probably could, which is that on Jukesy and also all the other things that we have videos on. There is a video version of the radio. Show. Because it occurs to me, like, a lot of the people who listen to the show just regularly pops into their itunes feed, and they're like, oh, cool.

New episode. And they pop it up and do it. Or not. They might not actually realize that there's a video know, we have a video version, and it's not just looking at our faces. It is also a fully subtitled transcribed version of the show. So if you ever we say something you're like, what was that?

Or say you or someone you know, probably not you, but someone you know who would like the show has hearing problems. Either they just have the good old what is the thing that you have from the military? Dead. Tinnitus. Okay, I wasn't sure it was Tinnitus. Yeah, tinnitus or just whatever.

And they want they demonstrable hearing loss. Yeah, that one. They would like to enjoy the show. They can go and watch the video version and just kind of read along.

Did you know that reading and hearing the same thing while you're reading actually helps your brain retain information? Exactly. There you go. There's another way that you could another reason that you would want to watch the show. So it's a win win. You can hear and read at the same time.

Every once in a while, the computer translates my speech into interesting and creative words. That's my favorite part of watching subtitles, is to see what the AI generated subtitles actually say, actually think you say. And it's pretty funny. It does a pretty good job. It's impressive.


if you turn the subtitles on on your television oh, yeah. Even the television isn't perfect. Yeah, they used to have people that would transcribe those things by hand for the TV shows, but now you can tell that it's mostly AI. Oh, yeah, they're not going to pay people anymore to do that.

They're like, Why we do that? We just have the computer do it. Yeah, but the computers, I'll. Say there is kind of like when you voice text. Yeah, I'll say that. There's one more thing and then we'll move on. I noticed that with the subtitles, it does this really weird thing where it'll hear a word that's not like, super common and then it'll spell it correctly and then it'll hear the same word 45 seconds later and change and spell it completely differently.

I don't know why

it just hears the same word twice and it's like, well, let's just shotgun pattern here. Let's throw a couple different spellings and see which one's right. I don't know, that's always weird. Speaking of turning your television on and having subtitles on your television, so what's funny, I was watching the

it wasn't not hilarious, but I was watching Jack Ryan season four, and it's not too much of a spoiler, but in Jack Ryan season four, a lot of the show takes place in Myanmar. Myanmar? Myanmar. If you're my age, you're like, what is that? And where is that? Oh, it's the country of Burma.

It's not Burma anymore. We changed the name. I don't know what's going on over in Asia where they've decided to change the names of countries and cities that have been on the map for 200, 300, 400 years.

Like Mumbai when they had the terror. The only reason I know what Mumbai is now because they had a terrorist attack there. And I'm like, where the heck is that? And they're like, oh, it was Bombay. But they decided to change the name because that was their slave name and they didn't want their slave name.

Apparently Burma was the slave name and they changed it to Myanmar. Have you read this book yet?

I'm looking at you. But which book? Okay, it's called the Landmark Thucydides, and it's a comprehensive guide to the Peloponnesian war. There are places, there are locations in this book that they talk about that have completely different names. And it annoys me when I see names of places changing.

Because what that means is that somewhere down the road, in hundreds of years, people are going to be reading a book about a place and they're not going to know. It's going to be more difficult for them to understand where it was because the name freaking changed. Stop doing that stuff.

Yeah. I have to believe that it's part of this

new age thought process or like, we're better and smarter

in that book. There are a lot of things that there are a lot of places that are different names.

Well, thousands of years ago, the reason thousands of years ago was because a conqueror would come in

or whatever, these conquerors would come in and they would take over an area and they're like, I'm going to show you guys, like Constantinople. Where's Constantinople?

When I was a kid, there were actually still maps that said Constantinople on them. You know where that is? Istanbul. Constantinople. It's in Constantinople now. That's how you do it. You make a song and then people remember. People remember it. But anyway, so long story short, we'll get back to Jack Ryan season four.

So Jack Ryan season four takes place in Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar. I don't know what the heck it is. It was a lot easier for me to pronounce when it was

so number one, for some reason,

the subtitles popped up in Burmese.

So the official language of Myanmar is still Burmese. It's not Myanmar esque or something like that.

But this is what I'm going to say about Jack Ryan season four.

That show was exactly what it needed to be.

It was a true Tom Clancy esque thriller is what it was. So it's worth going back and watching now. Yes. So season two was a steaming pile of dog crap.

I don't know what they did. They took all the writers from season one out behind the building and killed them or something. So season one of Jack Ryan I thought was really good. I enjoyed it. I was looking forward to season two. Season two shows up and it was all over the map.

It was just like

somebody just took zach, you remember that joke about on South Park about how Family Guy comes up with their episodes?

I don't remember that part, but I remember the episode. They would put show topics on ping pong balls and throw them

a giant pool full of dolphins, and the dolphins would just randomly pick out show topics. That sounds exactly like what South Park would say family Guy does. Yes. So it was almost like season two of Jack Ryan was like they put show topics on ping pong balls and they just bounced them around the room because

you didn't know what was going on from 1 second to the next. And they just kept jumping from topic to topic, and it's like, come on, just stop for a second, okay? Just stop. But season three I thought was really good. I thought season three was really good.

And season four, which is the final season they've announced, this is the final season of Jack Ryan. I think what they're going to do is they're going to wait, see how it did, and then they're going to do some kind of reboot or something like that, but it was really good.

I think it was exactly how Tom Clancy would have wanted it to be. That's just my personal opinion. So if you're looking for something to watch, like, me, every once in a while, I'm looking for a show to watch, and it's hard. It's difficult for me to find a show that I care about or that I actually want to watch or that isn't like woke PC filled with

Hollywood filth and yeah,

all right, let's go ahead and well, I'm going to be quiet now and let the new listeners pay attention. New listeners, pay attention.

Attention, new listeners. We produced a complimentary online training course called Seven Training Tips That Could Save Your Life. Get instant access by joining the student lounge for [email protected]. Do you watch studentofthegun TV? Read the blog and follow us on Facebook. If you answered no to any of these questions, you are wrong.

But you can easily fix yourself. Go to to find everything. S-O-T-G.

That's what you can do. That's what you should do. You should go to to check out everything. SOTG, yes, indeed. All right, it is time for a Brownells Bullet points. And what do we do every week during Brownhouse bullet points? We talk about hardware. We talk about stuff.

And this week is no exception.

All right, bing, bang, boom. It's time to talk about some hardware.

And this is when I want to talk about or address the topic of how much do you need to spend to participate in a precision rifle class?

I think that there may be some people out there in our audience, Jarrad, that feel like they'd like to take the class, but they can't afford to take the class because

the gear is too expensive. They're afraid that they don't have good enough gear. I don't have a barrett, Mrad. Or. I don't have a Ruger precision rifle. It's $1,800 or whatever, so I can't take the class.

Well, we had a gentleman who came to the class this last weekend, and he used a Ruger Ranch rifle. And if you're not familiar with the Ruger Ranch rifles, the Ruger Ranch rifles are bolt actions. And he brought a bolt action, or he used a bolt action

that. Ruger Ranch rifle in two, two, three. And he had very successful time. Not only did he have a good time, but he was successful. He was able to. Now, five, five, six.

It is what it is. It's a five, five, six. So you're only going to be able to get out so far with one.

You say, well, what about optics? I got to spend $1,000 on a scope and I don't have $1,000 for a scope right now. Yes, if you have $1,000 to spend on glass or on a scope, do it. Spend $1,000 on a scope and it'll be cool. But you don't have to.

The most important thing, and this is something that I need to remind you guys of, is the most important aspect to your scope if you're going to come out and take the precision rifle class, because the precision rifle class, we're not

zeroing at 100 and holding over for all of the rest of the shots. What we're doing is we actually teach you how to dial 234-5678, 910, whatever. So what you want is you want a scope that has external adjustment knobs. Now, if you have one that has internal adjustments, what you're going to have to do is you're just going to have to take the caps off and then

fiddle it with your fingers. But you're going to have a better time, and it's going to be way easier for you if you have one that has external adjustments. And I'm pretty sure check me if I'm wrong, boys, but I'm pretty sure that's in the notes that's in the what should I bring notes?

You should bring a rifle that has external adjustments. And you're like, okay, well, again, all scopes that have external adjustments are $1,000. No, they're not. No, they're not. So the gentleman that had the Ruger Ranch rifle in chambered in two, two, three

had a Black Spider Optics LPVO.

What's? An LPVO? An LPVO is a low power variable optic. These are the one to sixes and one to eight. Well, the Black Spider optic that he had was a one to four.

You're like, only four power. You can't hit anything at four power. Maybe 100 yards. Jarrad how far was he able to dope and get reliable hits? Reliable hits to 506 hundred was about a 50%. Success rate was about a 50 50. So he was able to get reliable on demand hits out to 500 yards.

With using that scope dialed to four power.

What? That's not possible.

Actually, it is.

Russians are really big on low power scopes. I believe the original Nagant scopes, the Mozen Nagant scopes were three. And the one on the Dragon off is a four. You're like? What? Yeah, a four power.

And the black spider optic? Zach looked it up. Zach looked it up. And the MSRP is what? 273?

It doesn't say that. I'm pretty sure it does. Yeah, I found a Ruger Ranch rifle here at a local shop for $472. There you go. And I found a black spider optic on the Internet for $273. And I was looking at the Brownells MPO scope because dad was talking about if you've got $1,000 to spend on a scope.

The good news is the MPO scope, which we have on a six millimeter that we sent out to, what, 1400 yards or a mile reliably? I can't remember. 1414 reliably. And we were able to dope all the way up to 1400 yards with $699. It is three right now?

Yes. No way. All right, listen up.

Yeah. I very rarely do this, but I'm going to tell you guys right now.

Holy crap. Yeah. The Brownells MPO match precision, Optic. It's got external adjustment, 56 millimeter. The GWiz bang stuff,

699 as opposed to 999. It has is it a 30 millimeter tube or is it 34? Yeah, it has a 34 millimeter tube. All right,

go ahead and look up 34 millimeter tubes for those well, those of you who are into

those of you who are into long range shooting, you're like, oh, yeah, that's a thing. That's why we were able to actually dope it up to 1400 yards because of the larger tube size. Yeah, I was able to dial directly to 14 as opposed to dialing to 1000 or 1200 and holding.

So that's a BFD. That is a BFD. And that sale price is a BFD sale price.

Question, Jarrad. If they use the promo code, can they use it on sale items or not? Potentially. It's worth a try. It try. You might not be able. Use it on sale items. That's usually pretty standard. Always try. Yeah, we can't give you a discount on top of the discount.

If they calm down, then do it. What do you mean you can't give me a discount on top of the discount?

I believe the tube

is the tube on the black spider optic. Is that a 30 mil also?

I think it is. I think it's a 30 mil also.

You have to look far and wide now to find one inch tube scopes. Most the standard 30 millimeter. 30 now, yeah. So it gives you just a little if you talk to people who make scopes, they'll tell you that you get a little bit better light transmission with a 30 millimeter versus an inch.

And then, of course, you get a greater amount of adjustment. But yes, the gentleman who brought the ranch rifle, he learned to work the dope, he learned to dial. He dialed to one and two and three and four and five. And like we said, at 600, the four power was hampering him a little bit.

But at five, he was reliably able to strike silhouette size targets at 500 yards with a total combo. So you figure 400 and 7500, 375. So

way less than $1,000. Way less than $1,000.

We rounded it up to five and three. It'd be eight, but it's less than that. So it's less than $800 for the rifle and scope combination. And then what I was going to tell you is, at the very beginning of class, before we started,

he frog lubed up the bolt, he cleaned the gun, punched the bore, and he put some frog lube on the bolt itself. And then he proceeded to run the gun for two days, fire 300 plus rounds. And

should we tell the listeners what kind of ammo he used?

Yeah, I think this is amazing. Okay, so we've got a dude that's got a Ruger two, two, three rifle that's sub $500. We've got a scope that is sub $300 for power. And he uses the ammo that Dad's about to talk about discuss here. And he was hitting reliably out to 500 and about a 50% success rate at 600.

Yeah, it was 55 grain, full metal jacket, wolf ammo. Steel case. Steel case. They're like, just shut up right now. Yeah.

You want to tell them about when I put them on 400? Hundred yards.

I don't know what that is. When I had them all stand up.


So there was at one point in time,

everybody on the line fired, and this gentleman that had this rifle ammo scope combo was the only one that actually hit the target. So dad had everybody else stand up and applaud for him because of the setup that he was using. I was like, this is amazing.

I shamed him. I said, you guys got $1,000 rifles and $1,000 scopes, and you missed that target at 400. And the dude shooting Wolf Full Metal Jacket out of a Ruger Ranch rifle, hit it,

stuff like that.

I love it because you really get to see what works and what doesn't. And sometimes you're surprised. You're like, wow, that insanely

cheap setup. Inexpensive setup does really well because sometimes it's depressing. You have somebody show up with like a $5,000 optic and then a $5,000 gun, and you're like,

I expected for that price for it to shoot for you and hit the target every time.

But sometimes you're a little bit depressed when you find things out. But this was an uplifting discovery. Well, the gear doesn't shoot the target for you. Now, the ranch rifle guy, did he hit the target 1000? No. He hit 14. No. Mile? No. Now, we did have guys we had a guy, a gentleman showed up with a 308 bolt action 308 rifle, and we got him on to the 800 and then to the 1000 yard targets.

He was hitting 1000 yard target reliably. We had a couple of gentlemen that had 65 Creedmore guns,

and they got to 1000. Then we got them out to 14. And then at the afternoon of the second day, we were able to get them onto the mile target. And from a physical standpoint or a physics standpoint, you're not going to get there with a five, five, six, and you're not going to get to the mile target with a 308.

I mean, the bullet will still be flying at a mile, but you're not going to be able to reliably get hits on target with something like that. And even the guys with the really good scopes, I don't know if there is a scope on the market that has enough elevation to dial to a mile.

Everybody we've ever had shoot a mile. They top out the turret, they max it out, and then they hold over. And then, of course, when you're holding over, you also have to hold over and factor for wind as well. And. That's. That's the trick. The holdover itself. If there was no wind, you could just shoot, spot your shot, try again.

The wind is the big X factor. The wind is a big variable. And that's something that we teach you. And I'm a firm believer that

if you want to learn how to dope wind, you've just got to do it. You just you can read articles and books and you can get apps and Kestrels and all this stuff, but the best way to learn how to do it is just do it. Get out there and do it.

And in Wyoming,

the trick with the wind isn't so much that there is wind, it's that it's variable.

If you had a steady five mile an hour, even a ten mile an hour wind out of the west, steady out of the west,

you can do that. You can figure it out. But when the wind is coming from the west, and then five minutes later, it drops, and there's no wind, and then ten minutes later, it's coming from the east, and then it drops, and then it comes from the west or coming from the south

or southeast or southwest, yeah, it's a challenge. It really is a challenge. And that's almost why we do it.

Isn't that why we do it? Yes, that's why we do it. That's why we do it. So our Brownell's bullet points today is, yes, you have to spend some money, but you don't have to have a 2000 $3,000 rifle rig to come to the rifle class and actually get something out of it.

And what you're supposed to get out of it is you're supposed to leave the range with confidence in your gear and confidence in your own abilities. That's the point. And I believe when it comes to the gentleman with the ranch rifle, that he has confidence in his skill and ability and in the gear.

That's what's important. All right, we talked about slash culture. Go there and use the discount codes. Now it's time for me to be quiet and let Zach talk for a little bit. is the perfect place to go if you are a student of the gun. Whether you want to expand your brain, increase your marksmanship, or help keep your family safe.

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All right, we got a story here from Remember we talked about people have said in the past,

I don't feel the need to wear a gun inside of my house. I'm not paranoid like you.

We've talked about the how many cop movies have you ever witnessed? Where the plain closed detective guy, he's out on the street, and then he comes back and he comes into his office, and the first thing he does is he takes off his gun and opens up his desk drawer and puts it in the desk drawer.

Or what show were we watching? I think we all watched it where

the hero came home and and immediately went into their bedroom and took their gun off.

And then of course there was a bad guy and their gun was in the other room.

That makes for good plot. Yeah. I'm like, what? But the thing is though, you say, oh, that's stupid and that's TV and that's movies and that doesn't happen in real life. Oh, really? No, people do it. Yeah. How many people you know like, wow, I mean, I've got a concealed carry permit and stop.

But I don't wear my gun all the time. I don't wear it when I'm in my house.

Okay. Are you dressed?

I don't wear a gun when I'm sleeping. I don't wear a gun when I'm in bed.

But if I get up and get dressed and put my pants on, I get up and I put my pants on and put a gun on and I just carry it all the day long

because you don't know. And we've got a story from July 31 from

Jarrad, what happened and where did it happen?

Says no charges for homeowner after shooting violent intruder

in a violent episode that unfolded on the 900 block of McAllister Road in Dothan, Alabama, a man was fatally shot by a homeowner after he forcefully entered the house and began assaulting an individual inside.

The suspect, identified as 55 year old Charles Kevin Sexton from Ashford, Alabama, was seeking his ex girlfriend, whom he believed to be at the location.

The dothan. Houston County E 911 center received a distress call at approximately 12:20 p.m on Saturday, July 29, 2023. Okay, let's go ahead and stop and pause right there.

For those of you that went to public school

in the last 25 years, 12:20 P.m. Is not midnight. Okay? 12:20 P.m. Is the middle of the day. It's 20 minutes after noon. So when people say, well yeah, I mean, the guy was probably sleeping in his bed and it was 02:00 in the morning and you're not going to be wearing a gun at two in the morning.

No, this was noon, the middle of the day. But Jarrad, bad people don't break into your house in the middle of the day. Right. And they only break in late at night, right? Yep. In bad.

So I just wanted to point that out was when they received a call reporting that the caller had just shot the intruder. The suspect had forced entry into the residence and assaulted another individual.

Police accounts indicate that. Sexton. A passenger in a vehicle that arrived at the scene, exited and aggressively forced his way into the house through the main entrance. Upon meeting resistance from the homeowner at a second door, sexton overpowered him and proceeded to kick down a third door.

Behind the third door was the object of Sexton's search, his ex girlfriend. Upon finding her, he began to assault her. Seeing the situation escalate, the homeowner retrieved retrieved a handgun and demanded that Sexton stop his attack. When his police fell on deaf ears and Sexton began charging at him, the homeowner shot him once in the upper torso in self defense.

All right, let's go ahead and push pause on that right there. So what do we know? We know that the homeowner wasn't wearing his gun because, well, he had to go and retrieve it. All right, you're like, well, all's well that ends well. Yeah, but what if he wasn't able to retrieve it?

Or what if the initial assault would have immobilized him or killed him, ladies and gentlemen? And he said demanded that he stop. And you say, that's nice. And that's what you should do. From a legal standpoint, from a justifiable use of standpoint, there is no requirement for you to give extra warnings to a person who has broken into your house.

Of course, unless you're living in England or some weak, spineless place like that. But here in the good old United States of America, if someone forces entry into your home, you don't have to give them extra warnings. You stop them immediately.

We see this, and I understand where it comes from. I know where this comes from. This comes from people who own guns, don't train with guns, never been to fighting pistol, never been through the Mindset briefing, none of that stuff. And they get their training from where? Jarrad? McTraining academy.

No, they don't even go there. They get it from TV and movies or they get it from gun shop gossip, or they get it from well, they just make it up because they think

yeah, they think. They're like, well, I've talked to people, and this is what they say.

And let's face facts. The truth is most people don't ever imagine that they're going to have to do that. And then when they get in that situation,

they have to

essentially convince themselves to do what's right to press the trigger. And they're not mentally convinced to press the trigger yet. So in here, according to this report, this guy whips out a gun. He. Goes and get after the nut job has busted in, knocked him down, found the ex girlfriends, beaten the crap out of her.

He runs to his bedroom or wherever, gets a gun, runs out, points at him, says, stop, stop. Right. And the guy,

instead of stopping

so what do we know that this dude was? Was he a type one, type three. Type three, right. He wasn't afraid of the gun. Wasn't afraid. He's like, okay, whatever. He charged into a gun

and the homeowner shot. Normal behavior. Yeah. And you say, okay, well, if it's a type three, that's what I'll do. What have we said numerous times in our training? You're not going to know until it's over with in the after action. Then we can say, yes, that person was a type one attacker, a type two attacker, type three attacker, right.

You're not going to know at the beginning of the fight, at the beginning of the attack. You're only going to know when the attack is over. So you have to assume that every attacker is a three. Now, if it turns out that they're a one, and a lot of people out there in the audience right now are like, what is this guy talking about?

What do you talk about, type one, type two, type three? Well, we did a little video series, and it's available for digital video download. It's called armed living. And the Armed Living DVD goes into great detail about, well, justifiable use of force, types of attackers, mindset and all that.

So this is probably because a good guy shot a bad guy, and the bad guy is now dead and there's no charges. The media is going to report this one time and drop it. They're going to report it one time and they're going to drop it and never talk about it again.

Why? Because this doesn't go with their narrative. This doesn't go with the CBS. NBC. CNN. MSN. Whatever. It doesn't work with their narrative. You mean a good person with a gun stopped a deranged, lunatic bad person by shooting them and is not going to be charged? Yeah, we're not going to talk about that.

So he should have just called 911 and waited, right? Waited five or ten minutes.

Yes. He had to shoot the guy in the upper torso. So, I mean, that's good. Good shot, injured sexton, left the residence. Now, see, here's the thing. He actually wasn't a type three. He was a type two.

That's fair. Yeah, it's fair. He was a type two because it says after he was shot, then he's like. Oh, crap. I have received an injury. And he left, returned to the vehicle and his accomplice, the getaway driver, dumped him off at the emergency room

and despite medical attention, he died. So he probably was in irreversible shock from blood loss by the time he got to the hospital,

which is too bad. So sad. He brought about his own death. So you don't feel sorry for people that bring about their own death, but go ahead and do this. Following the incident

following the incident, the vehicle and driver were located by the Houston County Sheriff's Department outside Dothan city limits. Both the driver and vehicle were detained for further investigation related to this tragic event, according to a statement released by Dothan Police Department. Quote after consulting with the Houston County District Attorney, it is not believed that there will be any charges against the homeowner for the shooting death of sexton due to him acting in self defense on his property, as well as for the protection of another individual.

End quote. All indications confirm that the homeowner was acting within the law when he used his firearm. Given the circumstances of sexton's violent intrusion, however, the case remains an active and ongoing investigation. Further charges, if any, will be determined. As the police continue to probe the circumstances surrounding this violent intrusion and subsequent shooting.

The community is urged to stay tuned for further updates as authorities work to complete their investigations. Is that what they're urged? Do they urge the community

we urge the community to stay tuned for the next episode of

Dead Redneck

from the Dothan's police release regarding the incident. They said, quote, if there are any criminal charges forthcoming, they will be determined during the duration of this ongoing investigation.



from the evidence that we have, I can't imagine how,

unless they can show somehow that the shooter coaxed the guy into his house,

I don't see how you're going to come up with any but the lessons learned here. The moral of this story is this. Yeah? It's the middle of the day. Wear a not. I'm not a crazy, paranoid person like you, Paul. I don't think I should be wearing a gun all the time.

Okay? Whatever.

The homeowner in this was lucky. He was lucky. Key that he was able to get the gun. He was able to break loose and go get the gun. You're not always going to be lucky people.

And for those of you,

oathen is not very far from it's. Down towards the Georgia Florida border. Down there in the corner, that corner of Alabama. Alabama, yes indeed.

Cat and the hat and that be that. And also it's a good example of a type two attacker. It's a good example of people who aren't afraid. And that goes to how many of you have a

person in your life, whether they're male or female. Females tend to do this a lot. Women have this belief that I'm going to buy a gun and if I ever need to I can point it at someone and that's going to solve my problem.

They will fall to their knees crying and beg for forgiveness.

No, you cannot rely on that. If you need to understand that if you have a firearm and that firearm's job is protecting you and your family that you may have to press that trigger on a homo sapien and

you need to get ahead of the situation. It's like we said, like I said earlier, most people don't have training. And because they don't have training when it comes to the time

they engage in what we call in the police world, we call it verbal diarrhea, where they hold the gun and then instead of stroking the trigger, they're talking.

Stop. I'm serious, I'm serious. Stop. I'm telling you stop. Serious. I'm telling you. If you're dealing with stuck in the mental loop of it because they haven't given themselves permission to protect themselves it's mindset, you have to give yourself that permission before you need it, not after. Stop is your go code.

That's right. If I yell stop and you don't, the next thing you hear is going to be a loud noise and you're going to see a bright flash. It's like that old joke with the inscription

on the front of the glock barrel that said what's this? Smile and wait for flash. That's fine.

Smile and wait for flash. So there you go. That is your student of the gun homeroom for today by crossbreed ulcers use the promo code. SOTG let Crossbreed know that you heard about them, that you know about them. You're like, I've known about them for years. Paul. Well, do they know that you know because of student of the gun?

Are they aware of that? Have you contacted them? Have you sent them a message? Have you purchased anything from them? And when you do, did you put in there it makes a difference. It makes a difference. And the homeroom is all about being dangerous on demand. Which is what?

Where your freaking gun? Where your freaking gun? All right, now we're going to go to the main topic of the day. Have we as a nation learned our lesson?

I don't know. Has the world learned its lesson? Or are we just primed for more of the same? So this disgusting hag of a human being, who happens to be the daughter of Klaus Schwab, the Uber, the supervillain, the head of Spectre, all Klaus Schwab needs is a freaking white cat to sit and stroke, and he would be a bomb villain.

So I looked this up, and there is a video that goes with it. It's under the unearthed video. Did you look that up, Zach? Under unearthed video. Oh, I grabbed the other one. The rumble video. Yeah.

So there's the story, and in the story, it says, an unearthed video, and that's a Rumble video. And it runs about 50 seconds. And I want okay, Jarrad, you can go ahead and start the story, but then I want Zach to have the video ready so we can actually hear from her own Elitist Scum voice what she thinks about you stupid peasants.

It's ready now. And how we're going to control you peasants.

Oh, yeah. The Rumble video is actually

embedded in the story, isn't it?

Yeah. The title of this is Klaus Schwab's daughter, quote, permanent Climate lockdowns coming whether you like it or not. End quote. This is July 30, 2023, and it's from brand new Storyvoice TV. According to Nicole Schwab, the COVID pandemic was a tremendous opportunity to test how the public would comply with WF's plan to usher in their great reset agenda.

WF's promotion of the climate emergency narrative seeks to, quote, create a change that is not incremental to position nature at the core of the economy. End quote.

Nicole Schwab made the admission in a newly unearthed video that was recorded during a WEF panel discussion back in 2020. That's important. In 2020,

she was talking about and you say, well,

you mean, it's like they knew what was going to happen?

Did they know that the governments were going to be locking people down and shutting down businesses and yeah know they did know that. Why did they know that? Because the plan. Demic wasn't an accident. It was orchestrated, it was deliberate, it was on purpose.

Go ahead. The WEF list Nicole as a member of executives.

Yeah. She's a member of the Executive Committee on the WEF who is also the co director of Platform to accelerate nature based solutions. And

so, Zach, you want to play that video?

So this is Klaus Schwab's daughter.

This is what she said.

This crisis has shown us that, first of all, things can shift very rapidly when we put our minds to it and when we feel the immediate emergency to our livelihoods. And second, that clearly the system I mean, you mentioned it earlier that we had before is not sustainable. So I see it as a tremendous opportunity to really have this great reset and to use this huge flows of money, to use the increased levers that policymakers have today in a way that was not possible before.

To create a change that is not incremental, but that we can look back and we can say, this is the moment where we really started to position nature at the core of the economy.

Do you guys hear what she just said? That it's not incremental, that we can use the what did she say? Financial assets or

what she's talking about? What she's saying? We're going to use this crisis and the money that we have to force the peasants, the serfs the slaves to force them to do what we want

to force them to am I crazy here?

Who put her in charge of the world?

Jarrad, did you vote for Nicole Schwab?

Do you remember voting for Nicole Schwab as queen of the

yeah. No? Okay. I was wondering if you're still there.

Do you guys understand? And this is something that Beck's been talking about. It's something that Rogan's been talking about. It's something it's what

Russell Brand has been talking uh who's our red headed friend?

The red headed dude that's that's totally ripped. Yeah. JP. Sears is talking about. These people are unelected. They are unelected. They were elected by no one. They weren't elected by the Austrians. They weren't elected by the British, the Australian. Kins, the Germans, they weren't elected by the Americans, they were elected by no one.

And yet they go and sit in big groups and they scheme as to how they will control us.

They're going to force us into a great reset of humanity to save the environment.

Do you understand the threat that we're dealing with right here? And the problem is they have co opted this unelected cabal of supervillains, have co opted the well, I would say legitimately elected, if you can call it legitimate. But the so called leaders of the world, remember little Justin Trudeau is part of this cabal and Manny Macron in France is part of this cabal and

that Hag down there, New Zealand is part of this cabal and so is the guy in Australia. And most of the European leaders, joe Biden goes there and sits and mumbles.

My handlers told me to tell you that's what we're going to do.

The idea that these people,

this group of just psychotic elitists believe that they have the authority somehow I'm not sure where they got it. They have this authority

to control

everyone on the planet, to control what you eat, control how you spend your money, control whether or not you can leave your house. Where do you think these 15 minutes cities came from? The idea of a 15 minutes city, that sounds super convenient.

Here's the deal. If you want to live like that, if you voluntarily decide that you want to live like that, that's great, do what you want. I mean, you're an American. But when you have these psychotic elitists, these megalomaniacs who are going to tell

know, they confronted the chick in England and she's like, it's not mandatory. They're like, you just said people would be fined. Well, yeah, I mean

we're going to fine them

but it's not mandatory. What are you talking about? How will you know whether or not to find them? Well, because. They're going to be under surveillance constantly. They're going to be under 24 hours nonstop surveillance so we can find out whether or not they left their designated area. Are you insane?

Do the people of the world actually want to be monitored by their government 24 hours a day?

Is that what we want? Did we learn non nothing

over the last three years?

Apparently we haven't. Apparently we have learned very little since the WEF is they've just met. Just recently, all the elitists flew into Davos to sit down and have a meeting about how they're going to control the peasants and the serfs and the slaves of world.

You're like, well, what do you mean, Paul? How do you stop them? I don't know. Maybe you're just a slave, maybe you're just a servant. Maybe you're a peasant and you just have to lay down and let these elitists walk all over you. Maybe that's it. It's amazing to me and it's amazing to me that these elitists believe

well, see, that was the COVID lockdowns were and Jarrad, how many people have you heard that have pontificated that 2000 and 22,021 was a compliance test?

Yeah, a few.

If I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong, but you're right. One of my issues with this story is it has a leading title that

says, in a quote

attributed to Klaus Schwab's daughter, something that she never said in the video that they provide and they give no link to the source of where she said that. So what they're doing there is in the story yeah, from another source called Slay News. And I opened that and there is no source of that ever being said by this person.

So what they're doing in this article is they frame your mindset. So it says, hey, Klaus Schwab's daughter said that permanent climate lockdown is coming whether you like it or not. So then when you watch the video, which has terminology that's similar to that right, you could definitely draw a parallel.

And then when you're done watching the video, what happens with your mindset? Because you were framed in the first place. Not you specifically, but the general normie, as they're called nowadays, the royal you. They see this yeah, the royal you. They see this title, they watch the video. And then when they're done with it, the feeling that they got from the video correlates back to the title that they saw, which wasn't actually in the video.

So now there's people floating around the Internet saying, oh, she said this. And then with the game of telephone. It turns into, oh, she said that we need to kill all the babies and whatnot. Maybe that's something that she believes, but she sure as hell didn't say it, if that makes sense.

So that's my problem with warrant, is what dad is talking about. Says

he's drawing from his experience

of paying attention and whatnot, but in this video, she didn't say anything about out climate lockdowns at all.

And there are things that were alluded to in the video that you could say, hey, she was talking about climate lockdowns. But, man, the stuff like that pisses me off because it's just leading the viewers and the people that are reading the articles into a trap. Because then when they're down the road and they find somebody that might be on the fence about believing whether there's people that don't have our best interest at heart in this world, they say this and they're like, oh, I'm going to go find the source.

They find the source. They give it to the person who might be on the fence, and then it was nowhere in there. So now the person on the fence is like, oh, you're crazy because you thought that it said this, but it never really did say,

oh. Noise me. Well, Jarrad, if you go to the WEF forum, if you want to go to the website of the Supervillains, if you want to go to the Bond, yeah, there's a great reset process

they go through, and you have to take them at their word. They believe. And we need to go back to the fact that this is a group of unelected elitists. This is not the House of Representatives. Let me finish my point real quick because I need to make sure it doesn't get lost.

My point is that there are factual items that you could present to somebody and say, hey, look at this. It's probably a little bit concerning, but instead, there's people that are being distracted by something like this article where it has a title that has a quote that was never actually said in the video.

So that's just a distraction. It doesn't actually address the real root of the problem, but it's rhetoric. It's easy for people to talk about it and then perpetuate it in their groups of echo chambers because it's something that they believe these people said. Well, in this instance, in those sources, it was never said.

So if it was said, find the source and put it in the freaking story. End of rant.

All right. I successfully used the cough button. Oh, okay. Because I had to sneeze. Bless you. But here's what you need to understand

that this group, this WEF, this World Economic Forum, they do exist. They're made up of self appointed elitists who who have decided that they have the authority.

To tell the entire not just the United States, the entire world, how it's going to live. They believe that they have the authority to tell you what you can eat and what you cannot eat, what you can use for. And these people sit there and the hypocrisy has been pointed out, innumerable times, s,

these billionaires, the Hollywood elitists and people like,

freaking what you call

it? What's? The Fidel Castro's bastard son, like, Fidel Castro's bastard son and so forth, they get on their private jets and burn 50,000 gallons or 50,000 pounds of jet fuel to fly to Davos to talk about how the peasants should be using bicycles or walking because the combustion engine is going to destroy the planet.

First of all, I don't believe that's the case anyway. But second of all, who put you in charge? Who gave you the authority?

You can go and read some of their elitist. 1984 kind of

cities are causing 75% of the carbon emissions.


Who is it that is trying to force people into cities?

Not me.

Who is it that's trying to shut down

Be? I don't know. I might be dead when this happens, but there's going to be a time when they're going to be weeping and gnashing there's going to be weeping and gnashing of teeth in Europe because they're starving.

You can't shut down farms. Where does the food come from?

Yes, cities across our world account for 75% of our carbon emissions. All right,

what do trees need? What do plants need to survive?

Do they need oxygen? Do trees need oxygen to survive?

Hello? Help me out.

Anyone? Carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide. Yeah, that's what I said. Yeah. Thank you. Trees need carbon dioxide to survive. Humans need oxygen. Trees, plants, algae in the ocean needs carbon dioxide. Side. It takes carbon dioxide in and it produces oxygen. It's a balancing act. It's a perfect balancing act. So we have plants that need carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and we have humans that need oxygen and produce carbon dioxide,

but all of this so if we pay more in taxes and we eat bugs, then we'll save the planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, have we learned nothing? And the reason I say, have we learned nothing? Is after the last three years, these lunatics shouldn't be able to show their faces in public.

They should be ridiculed. They should be laughed off the stage. They should be yelled off the stage. They shouldn't be able to show their faces in public. And if anybody says, oh, the WEF says we should do this or that, they should be booed off the

be. We should be at a point in our world where if an imbecile like Fidel Castro's bastard son or Manny Macron or that skinny little freaking hag down in New Zealand or if any of these people, or Joe Biden if they go out and they start spouting the Klaus schwab WEF talking points they should be booed off the stage.

They should be heckled off the stage. They shouldn't be able to even say that in public because people are like, no. People should have learned their lesson over the last three years and said, this is what happens when you blindly allow yourself to be driven by fear and emotion, which is what all this climate change crap is all about.

It's about controlling people through fear and emotions.

That's what the Pandemic was about controlling people through fear,

conditioning them.

I talked to somebody who is a listener, but apparently is not aware of The Rape of the Mind by Eustmeerlou. I took the book upstairs because I was reading more of it. It's not here right now, but

you say, I don't believe you, Paul. I think you're crazy. I think you're making all this up. Good. Don't believe me. I don't care. Make your own decisions. Get the book The Rape of the Mind by Eustmeerlou and read it. And then after you've read it, tell me how the last three years here on planet Earth compares to what he wrote about.

It. And unless you are intellectually dishonest or just completely already brainwashed, you're too far gone. You'll read that book, and you'll be like, holy crap,

all of the ways. There's an entire section in that book about how do you mentally condition a populace?

How do you do you if you were an evil person and you were trying to mentally condition and brainwash an entire society, how would you do it? And he goes through the steps. He goes, this is how they do it. This is how Stalin did it. This is how Hitler did it.

This is how Mao did it.

And you look at what has happened in the last three years on planet Earth, and you're like, Holy crap. It is like they're using that as a playbook now. The rape of the mind isn't the playbook.

That methodology, the brainwashing, the conditioning, the psychological conditioning was going on long before that book was written. But the book was written so that you could understand and realize what is happening, realize that it is not a coincidence,

realize that what happened in 2020 was not just people trying to do the best they could with the information they had. The information they had, which we pointed out weeks and weeks ago actually, three years ago, I pointed this out, was that they knew exactly what the CV 19 was because they created it in a lab a long time ago, all the way back in the 90s.

We know that. The fact is, we know that that they weaponized the virus. We know that back in was it 99 or 98 or was it 90 that Pfizer tried to come up with

a vaccine for SARS COVID CV 19, and they couldn't because it was a man made virus, and they realized all the way back then that you could not come up with a virus, an mNRA freaking vaccine for it because it mutated. Why does it mutate? Because it's man made.

They knew it

in March of 2020. They knew that they had manufactured that virus in March of 2020. They knew that there was no magic shot.

They knew all of that.

So you say if they. Knew that, then why did we have to wear masks?

What was all this psychotic nonsense about hand sanitizer? What was that all about?

It was all about conditioning.

It was all about conditioning you and driving you to be well subservient, to be obedient, to be in fear so that you can be controlled.

It's all right there. And my question is, it scares the heck out of me, because after three years, we're three years past this crap now. We should have learned our lesson.

It's kind of like the never again thing or the never forget thing.

Who is it that uses the never? It's the Jews that use never again. And it was the Americans that use never forget, right?

Yes. Never again for the Holocaust. Never forget for 911. Yeah. So the Jews have been using the term never again, right? Never again.

And here we are in the 21st century, and you've got people of Jewish ancestry, of Hebrew ancestry, literally supporting the people that would put them into the ovens,

literally supporting people socialists.

What? Supporting blind obedience to government. How do you think 7 million Jews ended up in concentration camps?

They ended up in concentration camps because people were conditioned to blindly obey government. Don't think, don't question. Don't fight back. Obey. Do what you're told. The government said. And the government is right because they are the government.

We had Jews in 2020 and 21 and 22 screaming Hollywood Jews screaming for you to get your shot. And if you don't get your shot, you're a plague rat, and the government needs to take you and give you the shot. The same people that say never again

blindly falling in lockstep

with a criminal government,

you obviously they didn't learn their lesson. Obviously they. They don't understand.

We say never forget for the 911 thing. Dude, not only have we forgotten, we would like

never forget. What a joke.

What a joke. We allowed a criminal to be a criminal dementia patient to be installed as our president.

A criminal dementia patient who surrendered and handed over $80 billion of weapons to our enemy.

The same people that attacked us 20 years ago are now better armed and back in power. Never forget? Are you kidding? That's a bad joke.

And I'm the one who's supposed to be here ringing the alarm bell. And that's what I just did.

It's up to you.

You need to decide whether or not you learned your lesson. You need to decide whether or not you're going to blindly obey a criminal government

thoughtlessly blindly.

Get in line. Take your shot. Take your boosters.

Allow them to shut your businesses down.

My question is, all of these criminals, these megalomaniac county health officials we turned the county health official or whatever they call them, what do they call them in the county? The county health czar or whatever. The ones who went around issuing edicts, closing down coffee shops and pizza shops and florists and dog groomers.

The ones who said that your local coffee shop has to be shuttered and locked down. But Kroger and Aldi's and

Kroger's and Lowe's and Home Depot and Walmart, they can stay open.

But the small mom and pop stores have to close.

You say, okay, yeah. What about them? What have you done? Are those people still in charge? Do they still have jobs? Have they been brought up on criminal charges? Are they in jail?

The people in 2000 and 22,021? 22? Who told you if you don't take the shot, you're going to lose your job?

Where are those people? Have they been punished?

Or are they just cruising along?

The people who lied to you, who bullied you, who bankrupted your business

have they been punished because they knew what they were? Doing.

They knew they were destroying your business.

They knew they were poisoning your children.

You and your children. They knew what they were doing

and they did it anyway because of power, because they wanted power over you.

Have you punished them? Have they been brought up on charges? Have it? No.

So what happens next time?

I had somebody tell me they're like, well, in 2024 it's going to be different because American people are mad. Really? What have they done differently?

I can't make that change for you. You're going to have to make it yourself. You're going to have to decide that you're going to be ungovernable. You're going to have to decide that you're not going to bow down and worship the government, a criminal government that lies to you, a criminal government that bankrupt your neighbors.

Maybe you were one of the ones that was bankrupt. A criminal government that forced shots on people and that killed hundreds of thousands and we don't even know how many are sterilized and have permanent damage. We won't know that for decades.

It's up to you. You need to decide whether or not you learn the lesson. All right. Coming up this week on Student of the Gun University Podcast student of the Gun University Podcast It is a short form.

It is single topic. It is easy to digest and think of it as a bonus. Bonus. And this week we're going to talk about making bold changes lessons from long range shooting. Yes, indeed. Bold changes lessons from long range shooting. All right, sons, do we have any questions, comments or concerns from the people in the audience?

Negative. We looks like we are good for today. All right. No questions, comments or concerns. All right. Well, that's it for today. Let's see, looking ahead to tomorrow to the bonus hour train when you don't want to and criminal tolerance question mark. That's coming up tomorrow on the bonus hour.

Jarrad, tell them how they can be there for the bonus hour tomorrow. Super easy. Go to and follow the instructions there. Yep. Follow the instructions. Join us and you can be a grad program member and you can be there and not be square. All right. Until we're together again.

Remember, you're a beginner once you are a student for life.
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