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We have so much Anarchy in the U.K. that we might have a hard time squeezing it into one episode. The Muslim Mayor of London is back in the spotlight and he is fighting for social justice. The British Constabulary just wrapped up their “Surrender” campaign. We have some interstellar results from the event.

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From www.breitbart.com:

London’s left-liberal mayor is issuing detailed guidance to developers calling for “gender neutral” toilets to “reflect the incredible diversity” of the capital.

Labour politician Sadiq Khan declared he had “vowed to be a mayor for all Londoners”, and was “determined to ensure that everyone has the ability to enjoy our great city to its fullest”.

The former lawyer, who is known in the U.S. for representing the anti-white, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and was accused of courting Islamists during his election campaign, indicated that he sees toilets as a very important battleground in the fight for social justice.

“Toilets are a vital public service,” he declared, describing how, in his view, they “can help to shape the experience of the capital” for residents and visitors.

“We need a range of toilets that reflect the incredible diversity of this city ? giving people the confidence to move around London with dignity,” he added.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, told George Osborne’s Evening Standard that Khan’s policy was just the latest move in “an ideological tsunami that sweeps commonsense and biological reality aside”.

The mayor’s focus on LGBT activism will also raise eyebrows among critics who have been taking him to task for soaring crime rates in London, which is now more dangerous than New York City.

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From www.thesun.co.uk:

A DEADLY war sword from Star Trek is among weapons handed to police in a weapons amnesty.

The 5ft Klingon “bat’leth” has four blades, two spikes and three handholds so it can be spun at high speeds.

It has two spikes at each end, has three handholds on the back so the blade can be spun at high speeds.

In the sci-fi franchise, the fearsome aliens have used it in battle against Captain Picard, played by Sir Patrick Stewart.

But this one was discovered far from the bridge of the Enterprise – in a police station on the Channel Islands

Chief Inspector Phil Breban, of Guernsey Police, said: “We have had a significant number of weapons handed in, including knives, swords, daggers, BB guns and even a crossbow.

“This is ultimately about public safety. Pretty much all will be de­s­troyed, although any with historical value or interest may go to a museum.

“We are assessing them as we go and running serial numbers against the national database in case any have been used to commit a crime.”

The dangerous-looking Klingon weapon can cost as much as £350 but some versions are available to buy for as little as £50.

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From bearingarms.com:

The United Kingdom’s National Gun Surrender event is officially over, and the results from each county are slowly starting to trickle in.

During the two-week weapons amnesty, which ran from November 13th through the 26th, the North Yorkshire Police collected 228 weapons ? some of which are loosely defined ? and a few odd items.

Here’s the breakdown:


Three handguns

  • 51 shotguns
  • 74 replica / imitation handguns / air pistols
  • 34 air rifles
  • Four rifles
  • A replica Thompson submachine gun
  • A replica AK47
  • Two shotguns disguised as a walking stick
  • One antique firearm
  • One gun used in connection with animal slaughter

Other non-firearm weapons

  • Eight ornamental swords
  • 46 knives (including basic household knives, hunting knives, ceremonial daggers)
  • One cross bow
  • One bayonet

Other items handed in

  • Four flares
  • A fork

Yes, you read that right. Someone actually handed in an eating utensil.

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