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Two Americans were attacked in Amsterdam by a Muslim Missionary. Did that story even make the news where you live? Has the United States media been deafeningly quiet about this recent jihad attack?

During Brownell’s Bullet Points, we will again consider National Preparedness Month and the Emergency and Survival Gear section. This time our topic is water. What are some ways to be prepared for a shortage of water?

For our weekly SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, the Professor will talk about the two most commonly worked on areas of concealed carry handguns: the trigger and the sights. Before you do anything to your CCW gun, listen a bit louder.

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From www.fox10tv.com:

The suspect in Friday’s knife attack at Amsterdam’s central railway station had a “terrorist motive” and is believed to have acted alone, police in the Netherlands said Saturday.

Police said the suspect is a 19-year-old Afghan man who lives in Germany. Police would only identify him as Jawed S.

Two US citizens were stabbed, US and Dutch authorities said Saturday. The victims were seriously injured but are not in critical condition, the Amsterdam mayor’s office said.

Police shot the suspect after the stabbings. A police spokesman told CNN the teenage suspect remains in a hospital, where he will be questioned later Saturday with the help of a translator.

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