We just completed the SOTGU Advanced HEPR (High Elevation Precision Rifle) training course. Paul and Jarrad are back in the studio with an after-action report regarding the learning points from this course.

During our Brownells Bullet Points, Jarrad will give his review of the Brownells Match Precision Optic or MPO. What kind of scope do you need to shoot long range? 

Also, for our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we have yet another bear attack. This case was a home invasion by a bear. What are the lessons we can learn? 

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From www.thetruthaboutguns.com:

“What exactly do you consider to be long range?”  That’s a good question and it is truly subjective. If you have a Ruger 10/22 in your hands, 100 yards is long range. If you’re shooting at a whitetail with a Remington 870 loaded with slugs, an 87 yard shot is long range.

However, when you move west of the Mississippi River and the country starts to open up, long range with centerfire rifles doesn’t even begin until you are farther than 300 yards. Some would argue that long range doesn’t start until you are past 500 yards. 

Regardless of your definition of what “long range” shooting happens to be, I think we can all agree that the primary goal of rifle marksmanship is to be able to hit your target with the first shot, on demand, regardless of the conditions or the distance. Such is the stated goal of the High Elevation Precision Rifle class put on by Student of the Gun each summer in wonderful Wyoming.   

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From www.foxnews.com:

A Montana couple got an unwelcome visitor when they found a black bear in their living room and took matters into their own hands, shooting and killing the intruder.

Seeley Oblander and her fiancé, Thomas Bolkcom, were awakened at 3 a.m. to one of their two dogs, Maizey, barking ferociously. While the couple initially brushed the howling off, figuring a raccoon or a skunk had caught the dog’s attention, Bolkcom eventually walked downstairs to see what was going on after the dog would not stop making a ruckus. 

When Bolkcom, a commercial painter and elk hunter, went to investigate and tried to coax the Labrador-pit bull mix downstairs, he found a “black bear standing in the living room five feet away,” Oblander said.

Wearing just a T-shirt and underwear, Bolkcom ran back downstairs, got a handgun and returned to the living room where he shot the bear. It ran into the couple’s sunroom, so he shot the bear several more times.

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