Who makes the perfect Texas hog rifle? Is there such a thing? Professor Paul has taken his fair share of feral hogs in the Republic of Texas. We will consider some qualities of the rifle that would make it a good choice of day or night hunting. 

For our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, we will consider night vision. What is available today and how far have we come in the last 25 years?  

During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we will examine a potentially deadly home invasion. Do you remember all of the rules of gunfighting? How about the first two rules?  

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FROM www.thetruthaboutguns.com:

McDonald County, Missouri is in the extreme southwest part of the state, hard on the borders of Oklahoma and Arkansas. It’s an Ozark county populated by people who declared their independence from the state in 1961. In short, they’re not people you want to mess with.

If only a would-be burglar knew a little more about McDonald County before he let himself into a local home last week.

Two homeowners came home at about 9:30pm to find 62-year-old James Garrett skulking around their Tiff City house. Both were armed when the intruder took a shot at them. They then returned fire and both hit their target.

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FROM studentofthegun.com:

Thanks to the combined efforts of Hernando Cortez and Sir Walter Raleigh, hogs have been native to the United States of America for over four hundred years now. Those who make a living selling ham and bacon are grateful for that fact. However, those whose crops and fields are devastated by feral hogs, not so much. 

The southern and central US has become the perfect breeding ground for feral pigs with Texas holding the distinctive title of high wild hog population. When I started hunting hogs in the Lone Star State, around 2010, the Texas hog population was pushing 2 million. Today, that number is pushing 3 million with an estimated 6 million plus spread out across various states.

For those wishing to hone their skills in the field with a rifle, Texas is definitely the land of opportunity. Feral hog season is open all year long, day or night.  

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