A Call to American Veterans | SOTG 1003

It is Veteran’s Day and we are putting out a call to all patriotic American veterans. The nation and her people need you now more than ever. This nation is starving for leadership; leadership at the community level. Will you step up?

What should you be buying? During our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, we will consider the truly important items that you should be buying and storing in your homes.

How can you stay dangerous on demand during the current ammo shortage? We have several suggestions to help you to maintain a sharp edge, regardless of the ammunition supply.

Thanks for being a part of SOTG! We hope you find value in the message we share. If you’ve got any questions, here are some options to contact us:

Enjoy the show! And remember…
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  • [0:02:08] Frustrated?  Exercise your body and your mind.  Lift, train, read OGB, and listen to music.
  • [0:11:54] Check this out www.peoplesrights.org
  • [0:15:00] Brownells Bullet Points – brownells.com
    • TOPIC: What should you be buying?
  • Huge thanks to our Partners:
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  • [0:35:57] SOTG Homeroom – CrossBreedHolsters.com
    • TOPIC: Staying Dangerous on Demand on a tight ammo budget.
    • SOTG Firearm Fitness Workout Program: ShopSOTG.com
  • [0:44:35] A Call to American Veterans.  This nation needs leadership and it’s time to step up.
  • [0:57:20] Q&A Session
    • Question: we’ve gone over how much ammo to have and how much food/calories. How do you gauge medical, and how much to have on hand? – Eric Ross [FB]
    • I bent a bar while doing deadlifts, was it because it was a crappy bar, or can you damage bars by improper use? Also, the bar isn’t too bad yet, should I use it now, or could the slight bend hurt me due to position? What should I do with the bar now? – Neil Taylor [Liberty Mastermind]


  1. https://youtu.be/YSg4UXWwiwY?t=3s
  2. https://youtu.be/DVLStumDzOE

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From www.peoplesrights.org:

Historically, you cannot successfully defend your rights, nor your neighbor’s rights, if you STAND ALONE.

You must unite with your neighbors, organize yourselves and prepare for WHEN those that believe they have the right to take control of your property, your children, even your body, come to force their will upon you.

WHEN they come, if you are united with your neighbors, you will be able to stand side by side each other and say, NO WAY. You will be able to successfully defend yourself, your family and your neighbors against those that would forcefully take what does not belong to them.

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