Stronger Bodies, Sharper Minds: SWAT Fuel

Stronger Bodies, Sharper Minds: SWAT Fuel Reviews

*Full Disclosure: SWAT Fuel is and has been a sponsor of Student of the Gun Radio and Television for the last several seasons. I don’t endorse any company whose products I do not use.

I met Dr. Dan Olesnicky a few years ago at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade  (SHOT) Show. We were introduced by a mutual friend whose opinions I value highly. Dan told me about his company, SWAT Fuel, and gave me the five minute run down.

Dr. Dan explained that SWAT Fuel was designed for “occupational athletes”, a term not often used in common conversation. Occupational athletes are essentially any people who need to get or be physical as a part their job; cops, firemen, paramedics, soldiers, Marines, etc. Naturally, professional athletes can benefit from SWAT Fuel as well, but they tend to be instinctively more attuned to fitness and sports nutrition than the average occupational athlete.

Jarrad, my eldest son, was with me when I met Dan O and my first thought was that he (Jarrad) would benefit more from the products than I would. Dan gave us each a bottle of 9mm SWAT Fuel (fat burner in red capsules). We parted ways and followed up with each other occasionally after that.

Workout partners; hammer and tire

SWAT Fuel Reviews: SWAT Fuel helps you beat your workout partners; hammer and tire

To be completely honest, my initial interest in SWAT Fuel was the belief it would help Jarrad to cut weight when he was preparing for a fight. Jarrad has fought professionally in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxed. Pro fight events require their competitors to “make weight” for a designated division. I really did not think SWAT Fuel would be something for me.

Nearly a year went by and I ended up on the telephone with Dr. Dan. At the time I had come to the realization that I was carrying around too much weight and had recently begun a new exercise regime. However, I had hit a wall or a plateau if you will. It seemed that no matter what I did I was stuck and I was getting discouraged and frustrated.

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During my phone call with Dan I admitted to him that while I encouraged Jarrad to use the SWAT Fuel fat burner for pre-fight training, I was not really using it for myself. Dan O inquired about my multivitamin intake and I admitted that I was not taking any. Very patiently, he gave me advice about the importance of a multivitamin for someone on the far side of 40 and who was trying to get into better shape and drop weight. I ended up ordering the SWAT Fuel 9mm +P (Endurance Formula in blue capsules) and the 40 Cal multivitamins.

SWAT Fuel Reviews: My SWAT Fuel Experience

I am six feet, one inch, and I was walking around at 245 pounds before I decided to act. I had fallen into the softness trap. In my mind I was still a physically fit US Marine in my 20’s, but the scale and mirror knew better. When I had the conversation with Dan O, I was stuck in the 230’s and could not seem to gain any ground. I needed both physical and psychological motivation.

Sometimes to need to flip a tire.

SWAT Fuel reviews: Sometimes you need to flip a tire.

You see, since I had been in my 40’s I had gone through various exercise and fitness routines. While working full time as a Small Arms and Tactics instructor I exercised regularly and carried myself at a respectable weight for my height. However, when I left that position and started writing and producing TV and then radio material for a living, my ass ended up spending far too much time in a chair parked in front of a computer. I became so busy with creative endeavors that I made excuses not to go to the gym or exercise.

When my SWAT Fuel vitamins and 9mm +P showed up I began a more deliberate plan. Simultaneously, I took the advice of my family physician to “stop drinking my calories”. I cut out soda pop and sweet tea almost completely.

My initial focus was on weight loss, not muscle building. I used the tread mill and did calisthenic exercises. Following the instructions, I would take the 9mm +P 30 minutes prior to beginning my workout.

The 9mm +P helped me sweat, I mean really sweat, but I noticed something else. I would step on the treadmill with a mental goal to do 30 minutes. As I approached the 30 minute mark, rather than being relieved that I was almost done, I would resolve to go longer. It was not uncommon to exceed my time goal by ten or fifteen more minutes.


(The guys discuss figthing fitness and give some SWAT Fuel reviews)

There were times when I would set a distance goal. I might tell myself that I was going to do two miles before getting off the treadmill. While using the 9mm +P I would end up going 2.5 or 3 miles instead. In the gym I would plan to do an hour of calisthenics, punch and kick the heavy bag, etc. An hour and a half later I would be on my second T-shirt and still be at it.

Oh, you are going to sweat.

SWAT Fuel reviews: The sweat dripping off of your body is a review all its own.

More than physical energy, I found that my mind was awash with thoughts and ideas. The oxygenated blood was pumping to my brain, stimulating thought. I got in the habit of taking a notebook into the gym, but I would sweat on it a lot so I started using a whiteboard. After a workout, I would be standing in the shower and have an idea for the TV or radio show or a new product or a new article or a new book. I would get out of the shower and text Jarrad, my producer as well as my son, my idea.


(Paul gives quick SWAT Fuel reviews; why they’re the only supplements he stocks in his go bag)

After a few such occurrences, Jarrad would text back and say “You worked out and were in the shower, right?” If I were working out, I’d run into his production office dripping with sweat and pitch him a new idea. Many articles on this site were the result of a SWAT Fueled work out.

I also started doing physical exercises that I had ever tried before or I thought I was done doing due to my age. The younger guys at the gym were flipping a huge industrial tire and the first time I tried I thought I’d get a hernia for sure. But you know what? I am flipping that sucker across the parking lot now, no hernias. I’m benching again, something I had not done since I was in my late 20’s.

Considering where I was a few years ago and where I am now, I believe I can honestly say, as I rapidly close the gap on 50, I am in as good of shape now as I was when I left the Marine Corps Reserve in the year 2000.

You have to do the work.

SWAT Fuel reviews: You still have to do work.

I don’t expect to become a body builder and I have no illusions that I will be “thin”. My annual physical last summer was one of the best in years. Lungs are strong, heart is strong, weight is “better than average” (doctor’s words) for my height. Do I believe that SWAT Fuel is a magic elixir? No, it is a tool and a valuable tool, at least for me.

For me, SWAT Fuel products were the supplements that I needed. I had tried powder mixes, liquids and pills from other companies and, while I really wanted them to work, I never was able to realize any true benefit. I suppose that’s why I drug my feet with SWAT Fuel.

Will it work for you? I don’t know, I’m not you. All I can do is testify to my own success. Of course, we at SOTG have turned innumerable fans on to SWAT Fuel and they have the own testimonials but I won’t speak for anyone but myself.

PS: I had one gentleman tell me he tried the 9mm +P and didn’t feel different or lose weight. I asked what he did after he took it. “Nothing.” was his answer. You have to do the work people. If are willing do the work, SWAT Fuel might be the tool to help you get the job done.

Also, because we care about you and want to help, we have a promo code for you. Enter the promo code “SOTG2015” when you make a purchase from and you will save 10% on you order. You are welcome.

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Paul G. Markel has worn many hats during his lifetime. He has been a U.S. Marine, Police Officer, Professional Bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor. Mr. Markel has been writing professionally for law enforcement and firearms periodicals for nearly twenty years with hundreds and hundreds of articles in print. Paul is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows and subject matter expert in firearms training and use of force. Mr. Markel has been teaching safe and effective firearms handling to students young and old for decades and has worked actively with the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Paul holds numerous instructor certifications in multiple disciplines and a Bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution; nonetheless, he is and will remain a dedicated Student of the Gun.

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