This week, we talk a lot about the true motivations behind all these new and stupid Covid regulations.  That and much more, on SOTG Radio.

Also, Prof. Paul had an interesting week, meeting up with the guys from Sierra Bullets!


Follow the money. That advice applies to many situations and it certainly now applies to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Who would stand to benefit from Orange County, CA overinflating the number of CV-19 cases? We will tell you just how much money California received.

Thermacell and Art of War | SOTG 969

Are mosquitoes bugging you? Do you want them to fornicate in another direction? We have a serious suggestion for you. Professor Paul swears by Thermacell for keeping annoying bugs away.

Professor Paul will continue with a book study of the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Today, we focus on Book Four of the compilation; How to Think of War.

This nation needs you to be strong

Family Bugout Bags - Part 2

Florida Home Invasion: Go Team Breakdown | SOTG 969 Pt. 2

The home invasion by three thugs in Florida did not go as they had planned. Thanks to the actions of both an armed homeowner and his armed neighbor, the break-in gang will not be reenacting the felony at anyone else’s home.

We have a Fighting Fitness segment for you. A drastic change in climate and elevation can and will have an effect on you

The Bull Elephant & Sierra Bullets | SOTG 969 Pt. 3

The Murder Rate in Los Angeles has jumped 250%. Not to worry, all of the thoughtful and reasonable California gun control laws are still in effect.

What do you get from grain mills? Believe it or not, grain mills do not produce bread. Paul and Jarrad have some recommended listening for all of the prepared individuals in the audience.

Faith and the Patriot eBook [40% OFF]

SOTG Cleaning Mat

Recommended Reading: The Art of War

Article: FN Scar 16S – Is it Worth the Cost?

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