We've been told time and time again, with this CV thing, we just need to trust the medical professionals. Well now, some of them are going against the grain, and contradicting the agenda, so I wonder if that tune will change soon...

Also, the Pimphand wrote and article about Home Defense Shotguns! That and more, this week in the Liberty Letter.

Trust the Medical Professionals, Right?

We are witnessing a positive trend, doctors are fighting back against the lies and misinformation that the media and state are promoting.

We applaud this effort and will let you hear what one doctor had to say.

Doctors are Fighting Back & Captain Kirk is Fuming | SOTG Radio

Inspiration: Thor Breaks World Record | SOTG 951

In case you are looking for inspiration, Thor, Hafthor Bjornsson, just broke the World Deadlift Record by pulling 501 kilos (1104 pounds).

Congratulations to “The Mountain” for this inspiring feat.


During this week of Morning Mindset, Prof. Paul discusses 10 Year Overnight Success, and what exactly that means.

On a similar topic, he discusses the topic of Passion, and what it means to be truly passionate about something.

All that and more on the Morning Mindset Podcast!

The Great Shotgun Protest | SOTG 951 Pt. 2

Believe it or not, the use of shotgun during World War I was formally protested by the country of Germany. We have a bit of a history lesson for you today.

What in the name of all that is holy is going on in Canada? While the Canadian government is working hard to disarms its people, the state is releasing dangerous criminals out to roam amongst the public.

Support Sheriffs that Support Your Rights | SOTG 951 Pt. 3

Racine County, Wisconsin is fortunate to have a sheriff who understands the importance of the United States Constitution and the rights of the people.​

The government has spent tens of millions of dollars on emergency Covid hospitals that were never used. Where did all the money go?

We must always publicly and vehemently support those who support us, especially those in our Law Enforcement community.

~Paul Markel

Recommended Reading: Guerrillas in the Mist

Article: My First Home Defense Shotgun

Spear-Point Tactical Out-The-Front Knife

4-in-1 EDC Survival Tool

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