Are you ready to FEEL THE BuRN!? Not like that socialist scumbag running for President, actually a way better way.

Also we're currently running the DuraCoat® Bad Ass Contest! If you remember the Sexy Can Contest, it's like that, but way more BAD ASS.

Lastly, this is your last chance to get in on the SOTG Sunset Collection. After this weekend, all those products will be gone fore

Feel the BuRN: The BRN-180 [Review]

 “Are you ready to feel the BuRN?” The BRN-180 is the new hotness in black rifles. Based upon the original AR-180 design from Gene Stoner and the Armalite crew, the BRN-180 series from Brownells is setting the black rifle world on fire.

We’ve just recently completed our build, and now we finally have our official SOTG review of the BRN-180 out to the public.

SOTG 932 - Liberty is Light [Pre-Req]

Liberty, like light, is not a default occurrence, liberty is a result of productive energy.

Far too many Americans are convinced that liberty will continue to exist regardless and without effort or energy.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

SOTG 933 - What is a Gun? Sports, Games, Hobbies, Liberty [Pre-Req]

It is not a rhetorical question. What is a gun? What does it mean for a free man to possess a gun?

There are many reasons to own firearms, but only one reason will preserve the possession of a gun as an inalienable right.

Who’s ready to join us in rifle country?

3 Prepping Mistakes: How to build a SHTF Plan The BRN-180 is one of the Newest & Coolest things available right now from our good buddies over at Brownells, and Professor Paul has just completed his own build!  The BRN is available as an Upper and a Lower, which are best paired together, however should fit just fine on any other half you wish!

3 Prepping Mistakes: How to build a SHTF Plan

SOTG 933 Pt. 2 - Math is Hard & Black Swan in Real Life

Apparently, Math is hard. Two professional journalists went on national television and embarrassed themselves due to a woeful lack of understanding of basic math, not to mention economics.

What is worse a crisis or the media creating a crisis and the people hysterically playing along?

SOTG 933 Pt. 3 - Constitutional Carry & Ransoming your Gun Rights

What has happened to gun rights?

Today we consider the shift from strict adherence to the principles outlined in the constitution to the voluntary surrender of rights.

How do normalization and conditioning play a part in the theft of rights?

A firearm is much more than a tool for sport or games. It is an instrument of Liberty.

~Paul Markel

DuraCoat Bad Ass! Challenge

Article: DuraCoat® Bad Ass! Challenge

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The "Sunset" Collection

Team Honey Badger Backpack

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