The Road Back was not an easy journey, but it wasn't a voluntary trip. You can read about the Professor's Road Back today.  Also, on SOTG Radio we talk about a recent experience with Sierra Bullets, and the Crossbreed Chest Holster is finally out! We did a whole video about it.

When you use the words “fighting solves everything” people often misinterpret what you mean.

Fighting is not just about physical altercations, fighting is ultimately about the spirit. When I was hit with the news that I had el Cancer, I knew that “fighting solves everything” would take on a whole new meaning for me. 

Sierra Bullets & Rage Against the Dying of the Light | SOTG 970

Professor Paul had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the folks from Sierra Bullets last week.

We have some culture for you. The Professor will read poetry and discuss his road back as he marks an important anniversary.

Silver Bullet for CV and Winter is Coming | SOTG 971

During our Brownell’s Bullet Points, we pose the question, are you an ant or a grasshopper? Winter is coming for America.

In some positive news, a doctor in Texas has discovered what may be a Silver Bullet for CV.

How to Draw Safely from a Chest Rig

How to Draw Safely from a Chest Rig

Get Back to the Country | SOTG 971 Pt. 2

It is time for true Americans to get back to the country. We have mobile phones and high-speed internet, half of the country is working remotely.

Professor Paul will spell out the benefits and the necessity of an exodus from the cities.

BC CDC says to use a Glory Hole | SOTG 971 Pt. 3

The CDC in British Columbia has recommendations for safe sex during the Kung Flu plandemic, one piece of advice is to use a glory hole. We wish we were joking.

How do corporations assist tyrants in coming to power and remaining there? What lessons does history have to teach us?

Fighting Solves Everything.

~Paul Markel

Fighting Solves Everything Book

4-in-1 EDC Survival Tool

Recommended Reading: Do not go gentle into that good night

Article: Sierra Bullets Prairie Dog Safari in Wyoming [Review]

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