The Light of Liberty Must Shine

Today marks the 100 Issue Anniversary of The Liberty Letter, our way to reach out to you every week, and let you know what it is that we've been up to. Allowing you and SOTG to stay up-to-date.

The name "Liberty Letter" was something chosen very deliberately, as we wanted to spread the message of Liberty to you, and keep the light of liberty alive, and shining brightly. We may be in dark times, here in the United States, but we must keep the light of liberty shining brightly. 

Thank you for reading this edition of the Liberty Letter, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow us as we continue for hundreds of more issues in the future. Keep that light shining!

Candace Owens Nails It | SOTG 1049

Candace Owen weighed in on the media manipulation and lies in the wake of a Columbus officer being forced to shoot a knife-wielding attacker.  Ms Owens absolutely nailed it with facts that are irrefutable. Tune in and listen.

WY Business Giving Away AR-15’s | SOTG 1050

A Wyoming construction company is now offering a new AR-15 to customers who have them put a new roof on their houses. As you can imagine, the usual suspects are crying and whining about this.

Coexisting with Evil [LOM 012]

The downfall of the United States shall come from the desire to coexist with evil. But, there is hope.

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Recommended Reading: Patriot Fire Team Mission Planner

Century Arms AP5

Article: Century Arms AP5: Nakatomi Plaza Collection [Review]

Some of the Best (slash my Favorite) Issues of the Liberty Letter:

The Pocket Life Saver

More than anything, right now, America needs a reminder of what this country is all about, and why we are truly special.  The greatest weapon for any tyrannical regime is apathy, and we cannot allow them to wield it. 


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