The Buckshot Pizza Box Challenge

The Professor has come up with a new challenge for you folks! He has dubbed it "The Buckshot Pizza Box Challenge" Find out how you can participate!

Also, on SOTG Radio we follow up on the Killer Karen story from last week, and Paul did an unboxing video!

Professor Paul: An Instrument of Liberty? [Best Of] | SOTG 954

On this episode of SOTG Radio, we’ve got James Yeager on! He claims that Professor Paul is an Instrument of Liberty.

During this preview of tomorrow’s show, you’ll see what James & the Pimphand have to say about insulting people’s favorite calibers, shaming Paul for not talking about his cancer sooner, what a gun Truly is.

Killer Karen Follow Up & Violent Crime Skyrockets | SOTG 955

Not surprisingly, violent crime is skyrocketing in major cities all across America.

One city in California is reporting a fifty percent spike in violent crimes and Houston, Texas is reporting a fifty percent increase in murders. It sounds like a good reason to be dangerous on demand.


During this week of Morning Mindset, the Professor talked about Yesterday’s Behavior vs. Today’s Success.

Also he talks about the television legend, The Office, and the story of its production and success.

All that and more on the Morning Mindset Podcast!

My First Self Defense Shotgun

Readyman Unboxing

Sailor Stops Jihad Shooter & No Right to a Haircut | SOTG 955 Pt. 2

We happily bring you a Go Team moment. A female sailor working the gate at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, was shot by a Jihad Shooter but still managed to activate the emergency barrier to keep him from driving onto the base.

The Muslim college student was killed by security forces after opening fire on them.

70 y.o. Man Shoots Home Invader & France is Burning | SOTG 955 Pt. 3

A Panama City, Florida man was forced to save his wife from a home invader.

The man smashed through the front door forcing the homeowner to retrieve a gun and kill him. What lessons can be taken from this incident?

Why the American media is pushing the Kung Flu 24/7, France is being invaded from within and burning on a regular basis.

Displaying a gun or gunfire doesn't automatically scare away bad guys. Never try to bluff with a firearm.​​

~Paul Markel

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New Targets

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