Rebelling Against Communism

Words from the Professor

Even during the War of Northern Aggression, the southern states were not trying to destroy the Constitutional Republic.  As a matter of fact, if you study history, you will find that the Constitution of the Confederate States of America was in many ways an improvement upon the original document.  You see, even during our darkest hour as a nation, both sides still supported a Representative Republic, governed by a Constitution. Such is not the case today.

There is a well-organized party, funded involuntarily by the money of the people, who does not support a Representative Republic with a national government that is severely restricted by a Constitution.  Every waking moment, that group seeks to undermine and destroy the Constitution and make its words meaningless.  Their tools are government avarice, slovenly laziness, personal greed, and fear.

For decades the people’s education about the founding of their nation, and the great purpose behind it, has been dumbed down to the point of being totally inconsequential.  What little of American History that is still taught in the United States has been bastardized and neutered.

UFC Fighter Stands Up to Communists | SOTG 1047

Rose Namajunas, a female UFC Fighter has had the courage in our cowardly world to stand up and say what needs to be said. Communism is bad and “better dead than red”.

Dan Bongino Exposes CNN | SOTG 1048

Dan Bongino has exposed CNN for the liars and propaganda masters that they are. Using undercover video from Project Veritas, Bongino lays out the lies, the propaganda, and the deliberate fear campaign the media is using to control you.

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Paul Shutter Bombs

Article: Smoke Grenades and You: Shutter Bomb [Review]

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“Better Dead than Red.”

~Rose Namajunas

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