This week, Professor Paul talk about the national house arrest that is being imposed upon the people, some various prepping mistakes that people make, and more!

One Nation Under House Arrest

In the Professor's first live stream in his new abode, he takes some time to discuss the largest issue going on in the world right now.

Not just the Coronavirus, but also the reactions from the governments of the world. Locking the citizens under house-arrest, tracking, and more.

SOTG 936 - 3 Prepping Mistakes

What are the 3 prepping mistakes made by people with a genuine desire to be prepared individuals and families?

Paul and Jarrad will consider in great detail some of the more common shortcomings and pitfalls that preppers encounter.

SOTG 937 - Covid-19 Prompts National Guard Call Out in NY

Fear over the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has prompted the call out of the National Guard in New York State.

His Reigning Majesty and Imperial Highness Cuomo issued a confusing statement, first saying that people will not be quarantined they stating that the National Guard will deliver food to the people who are quarantined.

Prepping for Beginners - Part 4 - Eat and Elephant?

One Nation, Under House Arrest

SOTG 937 Pt. 2 - The Crisis and the Constitution

We have a crisis, whether genuine or media-driven. Our concern is whether or not a government declared crisis overrides the United States Constitution.

Are you grateful to over-the-road truckers for continuing to deliver goods to stores across the USA? Not everyone is expressing gratitude to these hardworking drivers.

We have a big Foxtrot Uniform for those who have been harassing them.

SOTG 937 Pt. 3 - No Duty to Protect You

At no other time in our history are representatives of the state proving that they have no duty to protect the citizen from the criminal.

Not only is the state failing to protect the citizen, but it is also actively putting the citizen in greater jeopardy.

The New York City Health Department has issued a list of guidelines for engaging in sex during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The constitution is not nullified or invalidated, just because we are in a crisis. Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor.

~Paul Markel

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