Now is the time for Strength

Right now, our liberty is in severe danger, and now is not the time to feel downtrodden or scared. Now is the time for Strength.

Pete Brownell Discusses the Future of the Industry | SOTG 1002

We have a special guest, Pete Brownell, the grandson of the Brownells founder, former CEO of the family business as well as a former President of the National Rifle Association.

A Call to American Veterans | SOTG 1003

It is Veteran’s Day and we are putting out a call to all patriotic American veterans. The nation and her people need your strength now more than ever. This nation is starving for leadership.

Recommended Reading: A Pipe Hitter's Guide to Crushing the Coming Societal Breakdown

Article: Voter Fraud: Who will Pick Up the Turd?

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Pocket Life Saver - The Original EDC Medkit

COMBAT Life Saver Kit

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