There are many people today without the Modern Survival skills that they need. Going about their life assuming that everything will always be open. However, now is the time that these skills are the most important.

We also touched on this during the Radio Show, with Preparation Prevents Panic.

Do You Have the Modern Survival Skills you Need?

Modern Survival is something that's more important now than it maybe has ever been. With the on-going pandemic, and both natural & social disasters taking place weekly at this point.

That's why the Pimphand wrote a whole, detailed article about surviving in the modern world, and you can get access to it, for free!

Preparation Prevents Panic - SOTG 942

Prepared People are the least likely to panic or live in fear during an emergency or a crisis. What are the various levels of preparation? Is it more important to purchase stuff or to have training?

Our Warrior of the Week has a question regarding rifle optics for someone with vision cross-dominance. Professor Paul is happy to address that question and make solid recommendations.

The Awakening - SOTG 943

Have some of your friends and family experienced an awakening during the last month or so? Where you were once the “paranoid gun nut”, now you seem to be a pretty reasonable person.

We pray that the Awakening goes on all across the nation. Paul and Jarrad have some recommendations for you to help these folks.


During this week of Morning Mindset, Prof. Paul discusses the importance of your Time in the Sun, and making the most of your opportunities.

Also he talks a little bit about Seeds, and his experience with gardening.

That and more on the Morning Mindset Podcast!

When You Forget Your Sand Bags

Faraday Cage, making an RFID Blocker

The Plague of Fear - SOTG 943 Pt. 2

There is a plague in the United States but it is not a virus. The plague is one of fear and fear is being used to control the people.

We have numerous examples of hype, exaggeration, and lies being told in order to perpetuate fear amongst the people.

Out of Control Governors - SOTG 943 Pt. 3

We are witnessing out of control governors in numerous states.

Governors, so drunk on their newly discovered powers, that they are behaving as if the United States Constitution and the Constitutions of their own States do not exist or apply to them.

Recommended Reading: Fahrenheit 451

Article: My First Gun

Legion of Michael

Fill Your Go-Bag

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