It has been said that liberty is the ability to make a choice and freedom is a result of making the right choices.

American liberty and the freedom to make choices is codified in the documents used to forge and found this nation. American liberty is serious business and it is certainly not a game.

Chicago Mayor Warns Against Self-Defense | SOTG 962

The Chicago Mayor has gone on record advising people to not “take matters in your own hands” by using a firearm to defend themselves. Instead, she wants you the peasants to call 9-1-1 and hope they don’t die waiting for the police.

White Liberals Killed George Floyd | SOTG 963

White liberals, the modern socialist Democrats, created the big government, bully state situation that is going on in large American cities coast to coast. Professor Paul will explain this situation in great detail so we can all understand.

No day is a guarantee, and no gift lasts forever. Appreciate what you have, when you have it, for it may be gone sooner than you hope.

~Paul Markel

My First Self Defense Shotgun

TacTip - Shake Awake

Whites Only Mask Order | SOTG 963 Pt. 2

The tax slaves in Oregon have a new tyranny; a Whites Only face mask order. This is not a joke. The bureaucrats in Lincoln County, Oregon have decided they have the authority to exempt people from their dictates based on skin color.

During our Fighting Fitness segment, Jarrad considers the “something or nothing” conundrum.

DeBozo Fears Gun Violence After Emptying Jails | SOTG 963 Pt. 3

After emptying the jails to keep felons healthy, promoting $0 bail reform, and defunding NYPD, “Gun Violence” is now the greatest fear of Comrade DeBozo, communist dictator or New York City. You cannot make this up.

We have news for all of you. Our friend, Nicholas Orr, has an update for the new book in the Operator series.

Recommended Reading: Legion of Michael

Article: White Liberals Killed George Floyd

Rifleman 101 - Online Video Training

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