Professor Paul's full written review of the new CrossBreed chest rig has been published! I know you were waiting with anticipation.

Also, the Legion of Michael Book is now out and available as an autographed paperback. Exciting, right?

Keep it Close to the Chest

There are a myriad of holsters on the market today. In a world full of options, it can be difficult to make the right decision on the first try. 

We love testing new holsters, even ones that break the current status quo. A chest rig may seem like something only fly fisherman or hunters can appreciate.

Fingerless Gloves and Understanding the Team | SOTG 976

Should you wear fingerless gloves for training? When is the perfect time for fingerless gloves?

Our Warrior of the Week has a question about gloves for training and shooting. What do we recommend? Professor Paul is happy to address that inquiry.

Polar Bear VS .22 Pistol [Best Of] | SOTG 977

What happens when you use a .22 pistol to defend yourself against an aggressive polar bear? We will tell you.

We also will consider 73 cases where people used a handgun against an attacking bear. How effective are handguns? You might be surprised.

Legion of Mi

Legion of Michael: Defending the Flock book

Chiappa Rhino .357 Magnum | SOTG Range Time

Tavor X95 - Part 2 - SHOTS FIRED!

Illinois Pajama Party | SOTG 977 Pt. 2

Are you ready for a Pajama Party? The socialist dictators in Springfield, Illinois are not.

As a matter of fact, the ruling class elites at the Springfield School District will be monitoring the homes of peasants via telescreens. 

The Real Goal of George Floyd Riots | SOTG 977 Pt. 3

The George Floyd Riots had a genuine goal, but it is not what has been portrayed by the media. Professor Paul explains the more insidious and dangerous objective of the organized chaos going on in cities across America.

Can bicycles be racist?

GYKOPS: Get Your Kids Out of Public Schools!

~Paul Markel

Recommended Reading: Legion of Michael Book

Article: Beginner’s Guide to Long Range Marksmanship

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