Thanks to the advent of social(ist) media, we see innumerable “torture tests” week after week. The GLOCK torture test is one of the favorite topics of YouTubers and Instagram models. However, if we could take a moment to analyze the situation, what type of performance should we truly expect from our fighting pistols?

Mandalorian Pistol and the Folly of Afghanistan | SOTG 1080

Have we learned nothing from history? Professor Paul considers the folly of our involvement in Afghanistan. We will examine numerous news sources and warnings that were ignored by the current criminal administration in Washington DC.

How Democrats Betrayed our Allies and 9/11 Anniversary | SOTG 1081

There is no way to deny that Sniffy Joe Biden and his Democrats in Washington betrayed our allies and the people of the United States. We have evidence of such and will relate it to you in detail, in case you don’t believe.

God Loves Liberty

Free Will is a gift from God. Christians are not the mindless slaves portrayed by Hollywood. As a matter of fact, it is Hollywood who are the slaves.
Mental strength comes from having the ability to make choices and then choosing what is right over what is wrong.

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Article: The SDS Imports Bantam M1911 EDC Pistol

It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.
~ Voltaire

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