It is known that the Professor is a big fan of Red Dots, and during a recent video, he talks about it. Both why he likes them, and why he thinks you should too.

Also during this week of SOTG Radio, we talk about news from New York and California, of both the Positive and Negative varieties. That and more, in this installment of the Liberty Letter!

How do you Like Red Dots?

Red Dot sights on handguns are a hot topic.

Paul Markel, a renowned Small Arms & Tactics Instructor, discusses practicing with a red dot on a handgun and how to overcome some of the issues that most people face when they use Red Dots for the first time.

Judge Tosses Ammo Ban and Snitches Won’t Give Up | SOTG 946

A federal judge has tossed the California ammo ban and restrictions placed on the sale of ammunition within the People’s Republik of Kalifornia.

The judge used the words “onerous and convoluted” in his description of the unconstitutional bill.

NYC Crime Up and Long Term Food | SOTG 947

Shockingly, the NYC crime rate is up. Major crimes have spiked to levels so high that one might be tempted to label them as “epidemic”.

Mayor De Bozo held a press conference to express how shocked he is that criminals would be committing crimes after they were let out of jail early.


During this week of Morning Mindset, Professor Paul has on his first ever guest; Matt DiRito of Pop Evil fame!

Also, he dives into the "Me Too" Mentality, as well as Success is the Greatest Revenge.

A heck of a week for Morning Mindset this week, be sure to tune in!

Broke out The Predator today

One-Handed Handgun Shooting

Biggest Hoax in History and Matt DiRito Pt. 1 | SOTG 947 Pt. 2

Is the Corona Plandemic the biggest political hoax in the history of the United States?

Every single day we bear witness to facts that affirm that very assertion. We share a story from the Washington Post about the hype and man-made crisis.

Food Prep Time is Now and Matt DiRito Pt. 2 | SOTG 947 Pt. 3

Food prep time is now. Do not wait to get your food preparation plans in place.

Numerous sources are warning us that the American food supply chain has been broken by the media sponsor, state-endorsed crisis. Listen to every word from a concerned Texas rancher.

Every country that has given full control of food production to the government has suffered dearly.

~Paul Markel

Article: African and Brazilian beef imports are deliberate attempt to destabilize U.S. cattle industry

Recommended Reading: Guerrillas in the Mist

Fill Your Go-Bag

Pocket Life Saver

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