Have you ever thought about what it's like to Dual Wield a pair of handguns? Because Prof. Paul did, and he made a whole video about it!
Also during this week's Radio, we talk about the absolutely, bass-ackwards logic of the government, as well as how being a Patriot doesn't come with an asterisk. 
That and much more, in this installment of The Liberty Letter!

Have you ever thought about Akimbo (A.K.A. Dual Wielding)?

The Professor went out onto the range and decided to test for himself, is Dual Wielding (A.K.A. Akimbo) practical or useful in application?

He's rocking a pair of HiPoint C9's, both pimped out in Duracoat finishes!

Arrest the Dog Groomers, Free the Rapists | SOTG 948

One county in Wisconsin has arrested a dog groomer for daring to attempt to save her small business. Meanwhile, New York is freeing rapists from its prisons.

One of these monsters went right out and committed rape again, within days of being let out to keep him safe from the virus.

I'm a Patriot, but... | SOTG 949

If you begin a sentence with, “I’m a patriot, but…” we have some bad news for you. We all learned that everything before the word “but” is toro caca, bovine excrement if you will.

If you cannot say “I am a patriot” without qualifying or making an excuse, you really are not.


During this week of Morning Mindset, Prof. Paul talks about how Good Things Don't Come Easy. If the best things in life came from sitting back and not putting in effort, everyone would be rich.

Also, sometimes you gotta Get Out and Let Things Happen, you can't experience the world from behind a desk or on the couch.

Akimbo: Is it Practical?

Gorilla Ammo Hog Hunt - ParaSwineum

Attorney General “US Constitution is not Suspended” | SOTG 949 Pt. 2

Despite how many governors and mayors are behaving the US Constitution is not suspended.

It is a sad state of affairs when the United States Attorney General has to issue a memorandum to the 50 states reminding them that the Constitution is still valid. 

Facebook Censors Nazi History | SOTG 949 Pt. 3

Why would Facebook be interested in covering up any reference to the history of Nazi death camps?

How are the words “arbeit macht frei” equivalent to hate speech? Facebook has claimed that is the case. This should concern you all.

"Everything before 'BUT' is bullshit, Toro Caca, Bovine Excrement."

~Paul Markel

Facebook Censors Nazi History

Always Armed Kit

Star Treatments Donation

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