As a long, long time veteran of the Firearms Teaching world, the Professor decided to take a moment for you and talk about the proper way to employ a pistol grip shotgun! Isn't he nice?

Also, on SOTG Radio, we discussed some tips and information for a New Gun Buyer. So if you know someone who is brand new to the firearms world, this may be the Liberty Letter for them!

How to Shoot a Pistol Grip Shotgun

Professor Paul Markel, a nationally renowned Small Arms & Tactics Instructor, takes a few moments to explain how to properly employ a pistol grip shotgun.

This technique will work regardless of whether the gun has a traditional pistol grip or the “bird head” style grip.

My First Gun: Helping the Recent Gun Buyer |
SOTG 944

Many people are going through the, my first gun, experience and purchasing a defensive firearm for the very first time in their lives.

We dedicated this show to helping those people and helping out long time listeners educate the first time gun buyer in their lives.

Ballistic Lemonade & Prepare for a Crime Surge | SOTG 945

The Sheriff of LA County is telling the citizens to be vigilant and on the lookout for a crime surge. Yes, that would be the same sheriff that released over 4000 convicted criminals out onto the streets to “keep them safe”.

In LA, the safety of the criminal far outweighs the safety of the people.


On the Morning Mindset Podcast this week, Professor Paul talks about the importance of Finding Balance, as well as Who Is a Hero?

That and more, on this action-packed week of Morning Mindset!

Prof. Paul is out in the Wild

Greenline Tactical DMR Class Review

Remember to Wear Pants, Please | SOTG 945 Pt. 2

Apparently, not everyone is remembering to wear pants out in public during that Great Pandemic.

Police in one town has taken to Twitter to remind citizens to please remember to put on pants before leaving the house. We only wish we were kidding.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes | Bonus Hour 945 Pt. 3

We have a tremendous example of how not all heroes wear capes. You too have it within you to be a hero. All you have to do is take action. During this episode, we take a moment to acknowledge some American heroes.

Did you know that Joe Biden was a poet? We have a treat for you all; the spoken word poetry of Joe Biden and some smooth jazz. Yes, you are welcome.

Anyone who believes that liberty should be put aside during time of crisis, is no true patriot.

~Paul Markel

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Article: 3 Things to Do to Stop Worrying

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