Everyone loves a classic, right? That's why Professor Paul went out to Pistol Country, and decided to play with the M1911A1 .45acp.
Also this week, the ​police cannot and will not protect you. Even if they want to, and our
Always Armed Kits are on sale now! That and more, during this edition of the Liberty Letter.

Everyone Loves an Old Classic

Professor Paul returns to his roots and spends some quality range time with a classic mil-spec M1911A1 .45 acp pistol.

This pistol, from Inland Manufacturing, is nearly identical to the handgun that Paul used during his first professional firearms training course in 1986.

Police Cannot / Will Not Protect You | SOTG 958

What have we been saying for years? The Police cannot protect you, have to protect yourself.

The Mises Institute wrote an article about how the Minneapolis riots are a stark reminder that “Police Don't Protect You or Your Property”. Thank you.

Team America & Duracoat University | SOTG 959

What does it take to be on Team America? Professor Paul explains the requirements for being a member of Team America during this important episode.

During our Brownell’s Bullet Point, both of the guys will tell us about their experience and discuss why you might want to look into it as well.  

Christy Zito Live Interview | SOTG Live

Tavor X95 - Part 2 - SHOTS FIRED!

LA Murder Rate Up 250% | SOTG 959 Pt. 2

The Murder Rate in Los Angeles has jumped 250%. Not to worry, all of the thoughtful and reasonable California gun control laws are still in effect.

What do you get from grain mills? Believe it or not, grain mills do not produce bread. Paul and Jarrad have some recommended listening for all of the prepared individuals in the audience.

Law and Order comes from the People | SOTG 959 Pt. 3

How does a nation have law and order or more aptly, from where does law and order come in a community? This is a question that should be on all of our minds​.

Universal Firearms Safety Rules apply to us all, not just beginners. Paul and Jarrad will dissect a recent negligent discharge at one of our favorite indoor ranges.

Always Armed Kit

4-in-1 EDC Survival Tool

We have said it again and again and again, but soon it may become more literal than ever. The police cannot protect you, you must protect yourself.

~Paul Markel

Recommended Reading: Guerrillas in the Mist

Article: Full30 Upgrades

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