​We are in trying times as a country right now, but the Pimphand has some tips and tricks for you! Also, we just launched a new collection of stuff for you to fill your go-bag with! That and more, during this installment of the Liberty Letter.

3 Things to do Besides Worry

In these trying times, it's easy to sit around and stew on the situation, but that's not healthy.

So Prof. Paul has some ideas for how you can keep yourself occupied, instead of sitting around worrying.

SOTG 940 - How Big is your CCW Gun?

How big should your CCW gun be? Our Warrior of the Week has a question about the size of a CCW gun. Is it better to carry an uncomfortable big gun or an easy to conceal small gun?

Are the various State Constitution still valid laws?

Or, have we transitioned to the point where the Chief of the Executive Branch can simply create orders and do whatever they like, whenever they like? 

SOTG 941 - Democrats: Virus Bad, Dead Babies Good

The Democrat Governors of at least two states have decided that while the virus is bad, dead babies are good.

The Chief Executives in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are using their newly found dictatorial powers to shut down businesses and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work, except the abortion mills, they are still running.


During this week of Morning Mindset, the Professor talked about Mental Maintenance. How to keep your brain healthy and running smooth.

Also he discussed the inspirational story of the wrestler Edge, who overcame his crippling neck injuries, and through perseverance & pure will-power, was able to get back to living his dream.

All that and more on the Morning Mindset Podcast!

3 Things to do Besides Worry

Professor Paul took his rifle out

SOTG 941 Pt. 2 - BB Guns, Chainsaws, and High Expectations

What do BB guns have to do with home security?

Apparently, if you are a resident of Merry Old England and are afraid of home invaders taking you food, a BB gun is your defensive tool of choice.

It might be a toss-up between a BB gun and a rolling pin.

SOTG 941 Pt. 3 - Religion of Peace: No Days Off

When you are a missionary of the Religion of Peace, you cannot afford to take days off from your mission.

After all, it’s not like we can just wait around for the infidels to kill themselves.

What is going in Europe while you have been distracted?

Anyone who believes that liberty should be put aside during time of crisis, is no true patriot.

~Paul Markel

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Fill Your Go-Bag

4-in-1 EDC Survival Tool

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