Professor Paul recently had a call with a Hollywood casting agent about potentially being on a show about preppers! ... however during that call, something was made very clear.

Also, during this week of SOTG Radio, we discuss how Biden believes that no amendment is absolute in the US Constitution. Oh, is that so?

Lastly, it's the 4th of July Weekend, and over at we've got a cool sale going on!

Does Hollywood Want Real Preppers?

“We’re putting together a new show about preppers. Can you tell us about your bunker, your bug out vehicle, maybe your stockpiles of food and guns.”

That was how the conversation began with a casting director from a New York production company.

American Liberty is Not a Game | SOTG 964

WAmerican liberty is not a game. Unfortunately, too many gun community people fail the liberty test when they look at firearms as toys to tools for which to play a game.

Professor Paul will expound upon this idea.

Biden: “No Amendment is Absolute” | SOTG 965

The Constitutional scholar, Joe Biden, recently stated that “no amendment is absolute” and that he has a plan to “eliminate assault weapons” and institute “universal background checks” for everyone.

We wonder which other inalienable rights crazy Uncle Joe is willing to destroy.

Christy Zito Live Interview | SOTG Live


Dumbass Preppers & Illegal Fireworks | SOTG 965 Pt. 2

When it comes to preppers and television shows about them, does Hollywood truly want to provide valuable education and information?

Or, to the contrary, is Hollywood just looking for a bunch of dumbasses to parade in front of their cameras?

Happy Birthday to the USA | SOTG 965 Pt. 3

Happy Birthday USA! During this episode we commemorate the anniversary of the birth of our nation.

Professor Paul and Jarrad will consider several quotes from our founders and read from The Political Thought of the American Revolution.

Recommended Reading: Legion of Michael

Article: Mantis X10 Elite is a Must Buy

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

~Benjamin Franklin

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