The Legion of Michael, our Church Security program, recently got a new book, and it's extremely valuable information. Definitely worth checking out.

​Also this week, we talk a LOT about how Google are trying to influence you, and the official SOTG Handgun Cleaning Mats have arrived and are being shipped out! So if you ordered one, be on the lookout, and they will be available for common purchase soon. 

Paul Markel has written a comprehensive church security manual entitled; “Legion of Michael, Defending the Flock, a Comprehensive Manual for Protecting Houses of Worship”.

A professional bodyguard and police officer, Mr. Markel has compiled 30 years of training and experience into an easy to understand manual.

BB Gun Prompts Home Search | SOTG 960

The presence of a BB gun in a Baltimore home prompted police to arrive and conduct a “search for weapons”.

This incident occurred after someone reported seeing a BB gun during an online school session. Big Brother is watching you.

Google: Peddling Lies and Misinformation | SOTG 961

Have ever wondered where you ignorant neighbors or coworkers hear the lies that they repeat to you about gun control, etc.

Thanks to one of your Grad Program members, we became aware of blatant lies being promoted after a quick Google search regarding background checks and shotguns.

M1911A1 from Inland Manufacturing

TacTip - Shake Awake

No-Knock Warrant Challenged | SOTG 961 Pt. 2

Senator Rand Paul is challenging No Knock search warrants after police in Louisville, Kentucky burst into the wrong home in the middle of the night and shot an innocent woman to death.

How do the terrorist hippies in Seattle plan to feed themselves after the homeless people took all their food?

Google Censorship on Display | SOTG 961 Pt. 3

It seems that Google is at it again. This time Google has censored and warned two “far-right” websites over comments that were left on articles published by the sites.

Google is apparently acting to stop anyone from being offended. 

Rifleman 101 - Online Video Training

[SALE] Vagina Enthusiast Patch

Article: Atomic Bear Survival and Tactical Pens [Review]

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