The thing we've all known, or at least assumed, is true. It has been confirmed from the mayor of Los Angeles's own weaselly little lips. Also, learning about Water Purification is extremely important, especially at this time in our worlds history. All that and more, in this Liberty Letter!

Govt Admits Tracking your Phone & Water Purification

During our Brownell’s Bullet Points we focus and water purification and how to accomplish that very thing.

It does not matter how much ammo you have or how many guns, without clean water to drink you are finished.

Do you hear that sound? It is George Orwell spinning in his grave. The LA City Mayor, an aspiring dictator, recently admitted during a CNN interview that the government in California is using mobile phone data to track the people.

SOTG 938 - Do Inalienable Rights End when a Crisis Begins?

Do our inalienable rights, as codified by the Bill of Rights, end when the government declares a crisis or emergency?

If the US Constitution can be ignored because of a “state of emergency”, then why even have a Constitution?

We have good news from the State of Idaho. The Idaho Governor has signed a new bill expanding Constitutional Carry in that state.

Grain Mills Don’t S**t Bread Pt. 3

M1911 A1 – Saigon Report Ep. 01

SOTG 939 Pt. 2 - Houston Mayor Fixes Crime Problem

The Mayor of the City of Houston has come up with a plan to solve the crime problem in that city.

Thank goodness someone has the courage and fortitude to take on the rampant crime in Houston. We applaud his efforts.

Despite what Mr. Pogue, the outdoor expert says, wild animals are dangerous. While the tax slaves of California are under house arrest, coyotes are apparently taking over the state.

SOTG Pt. 3 - Seattle Police Chief: Call 911 if Someone Calls You Names

In an effort to make the City of Seattle safe, the Police Chief has told the people to call 911 if anyone calls them names or hurts their feelings. Yes, if someone calls them bad names, call the police. Seriously.

Did the State of California get rid of emergency medical supplies, such as ventilators and respirators? Former Governor Jerry, “Moonbeam” Brown, has declined to comment on the situation.

Recommended Reading: 1984 by George Orwell

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