Are you Going Hard on Airsoft?

The idea of airsoft training or using airsoft pistols for inexpensive practice is not exactly new.

I wrote an airgun column for a print firearms magazine for several years and wrote dozens of articles extolling the virtues of using airguns for inexpensive and convenient practice tools.

Minneapolis Residents Sue for Police Protection | SOTG 998

Minneapolis, MN residents are suing the city over what they claim is a failure to maintain adequate police protection.

Yes, after the communist city council voted to defund the police, the people who voted for those same council members are now upset.

Digital Night Vision & Avengers Defend Chris Pratt | SOTG 999

Have you been considering purchasing night vision, but have been put off by the price?

Brownells is offering digital night vision devices now priced below $1000. We will discuss this in detail during our Brownells Bullet Points segment.

Never forget the Tenet of Liberalism: Never take responsibility for your actions.

-Paul Markel

Porno for Pyros: PFT Signal Gear

Legion of Mi

Recommended Reading: Legion of Michael

Article: Suppressed Nation [Full30]

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