If you, or someone you know, is a first time Shotgun Buyer, Professor Paul made an extremely educational video for you! The basics of your first Self Defense Shotgun.

Also, it's Memorial Day weekend, and we've got something new for you!

Are you a First Time Shotgunner?

During March and April, more Americans bought firearms than at any time in recent history. The home defense shotgun was one of the top purchases along with handguns

 The reality is that while many homeowners now have pump-action shotguns in their house.

Born for Strength, not Fear & General Patton’s Principles | SOTG 952

As an American, you were born for strength, not fear. We have a highly motivational piece of audio for you to listen to and Professor Paul makes the case for strength, not fear.

Our Warrior of the Week has a question about how to carry during warm/hot weather situations, such as a trip to the beach. Fear not, we have you covered.

Homeschool Your Kids | SOTG 953

It is not that difficult to homeschool your kids. Most of America should have figured out by now that homeschooling is a viable option.

Every parent in the United States of America was given a slap on their face as the cowardly Sheriff’s Deputy, who hid while children were being murdered, was given his job back.


During this week of Morning Mindset, the Professor discusses the importance of Memories over Ceremonies, as well as your Emotional 401k. What does that mean exactly? Tune in to find out!

All that and more on the Morning Mindset Podcast!

Akimbo: Is it Practical?

Gorilla Ammo Hog Hunt - Part 3

PA Doctor will Shoot You & Hot Nurse Disciplined | SOTG 953 Pt. 2

A Pennsylvania doctor & school board member has threatened to shoot anyone who comes near her without wearing a mask.

The hyphenated woman claims that not wearing a mask is the equivalent of “bioterrorism”.

Ransoming your Rights and It’s Ma’am! | SOTG 953 Pt. 3

If you state charges you money do exercise a right, that is equivalent to ransoming your rights back to you.

Professor Paul explains the long process that our nation has undergone from having rights to losing them, to fighting to regain them.

Women with hyphenated last names cannot be trusted.

~Paul Markel

ShotStop – An Alternative to Ceramic and Steel Plates

NEW Targets

Official SOTG Handgun Cleaning Mat

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