Is this nation raising a generation of fearful children? Between what they learn in school, are shown on television, and the most recent public conditioning with the masks. This last generation is being raised on fear.

“Hey mom, do we use old light bulbs?” the 8-year-old asked on the ride home from school. A bit perplexed, his mother replied. “When the light bulbs get old, they stop working and we replace them. Why do you ask?”

The child said, “My teacher told us that old light bulbs waste energy and that hurts the planet.”

Generation Fright: Are We Raising Fearful Kids? | SOTG 966

Will the current generation of kids be Generation Fright? We consider whether or not we are allowing our children to be raised in constant fear.

We also have positive and productive ways to raise fearless kids in a cowardly world. During our Warrior of the Week segment, Professor Paul actually has a question for all of you.

Good News: Protests Don’t Spread the Virus | SOTG 967

We have great news, apparently, protests don’t spread the Kung flu virus. According to a report by economists and reported by, protesting is actually good for the virus.

Now that we know that, let’s all protest. Someone has been working overtime.

Family Bugout Bags - Part 1

The Art of War Book Study | SOTG 967 Pt. 2

Professor Paul will lead you through a short book study of the Art of War, a classic piece of literature from Sun Tzu. We will use the Stephen F. Kaufman translation of the book. 

For our Fighting Fitness segment, Jarrad considers the importance of going outdoors. When was the last time to put your phone away and stepped out into the fresh air?

Garden Report & Facing the Ugly Truth | SOTG 967 Pt. 3

It is time for another garden report from Paul and Jarrad. Many of our students have been reporting about the state of their gardens.

Paul and Jarrad have some advice and encouragement for you regarding the road to self-sufficiency.

Always Armed Kit

Precision Rifle: The Spirit of the Rifleman Class

Recommended Reading: Guerrillas in the Mist

Article: FN Scar 16S – Is it Worth the Cost?

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