Carbon Co. Wyoming – Student of the Gun University is pleased to announce that Paul G. Markel, combat decorated veteran, Small Arms & Tactics Instructor and Amazon Best-Selling Author will be on hand to personalize copies of his new book, “How to Shooter Better than a Navy Seal” at the SHOT Show 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Show attendees will have three opportunities to pick up personalized book copies and take photos. Mr. Markel will be at…

  • Kahr Arms booth #13627 at 3pm local on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd
  • DoubleTap Ammo booth #12012 at 1pm on Wednesday, Jan. 24th
  • Galco Holsters booth #11260 at 10am on Thursday, Jan. 25th

“How to Shoot Better than a Navy Seal” is now available as an Amazon paperback and as a Kindle version. This is a must read book for anyone with a desire to be better than average. If taken to heart, the words in this guide will put you on the path to mastery.  

How to Shoot Better than a Navy Seal

During this book, Paul G. Markel, a veteran Small Arms & Tactics Instructor with over three decades of teaching experience will tell you how to become as good or better with a handgun than a military special operator. Markel, a combat decorated veteran, has trained thousands of military personnel, police officers, and American citizens.

Mr. Markel explains that there is no secret to mastery. The path to mastery is available to all who have the drive and desire. Throughout the book, Paul will explain in detail the methods that can be employed to become a master shooter with a pistol. Numerous images and illustrations are included to aid the reader.

Topics Include: 

  • Road to Mastery
  • Mindset and the Masters
  • Training and Practice
  • Dry-Fire Techniques
  • Marksmanship Principles
  • Live-Fire Drills
  • The Science of Sight
  • Optic on Handguns
  • And More!
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Zachary Markel, affectionately known as the Shipping Ogre, is an intricate member of the Student of the Gun team. Zachary co-hosts the radio show, publishes the material for public consumption and produces Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel. As the Shipping Ogre, Zach oversees the SOTG Gear store. He ensures that every package he touches is handled with care.