It's not too big, it's not too small, it's ju~ust right. What is it you may ask, that is the Goldilocks of handguns? Well the Glock 48 of course, in fact Prof. Paul wrote an entire article about it!
Also this week, Paul wrote an article on Full30 about Long Range Marksmanship, and this weekend is the Precision Rifle Class!

The Goldilocks of Handguns

The Glock 48, 9x19mm pistol, or simply Glock 48, is very similar in size to the venerable G19, but there are noticeable differences.

You might be wondering, what is the “Generation” of the Glock 48?

A Warrior in a Garden | SOTG 972

How are you going to become a warrior in a garden? During this episode we consider the road to self-sufficiency.

A part of that journey to being more independent is the ability to produce food when needed.

9mm Shortage & Understand the Universal Firearms Safety Rules | SOTG 973

What are the Universal Firearms Safety Rules? From where did they come? Why are new gun owners so confused about “gun safety rules”? This is an important discussion for new shooters and experienced ones.

How to Draw Safely from a Chest Rig

How to Draw Safely from a Chest Rig

Ranch Cooking & Spider Web of Fear | SOTG 973 Pt. 2

We have some Ranch Cooking going on this week in Wyoming. Professor Paul is using peppers that he grew in his garden for his Tactical Chili.

Are you living in a spider web of fear? Do you have to live in fear?

Strength: Moral, Intellectual, Physical | SOTG 973 Pt. 3

When the world around you seems to be getting weaker, you can focus on strength. Today Paul, Jarrad, and Zach will discuss getting stronger.

Morally stronger, intellectually stronger, and physically stronger.

Legion of Mi

Recommended Reading: Legion of Michael: Defending the Flock

Article: Beginner’s Guide to Long Range Marksmanship

Official SOTG Cleaning Mat

ReadyMan Spear Point OTF Knife

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