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What is a Bug Out Bag, or a Go Bag? The ARK Bag
Bug Out Gun The Test
What guns make a good Bug Out Gun? Watch the Full Video Review
Cost Effective Insurance

I can’t put my finger on the exact date that Bug Out Bags came into vogue, but it was sometime during the reign of Comrade Barry Hussein Soetoro. Almost overnight, the American people seemed to embrace the idea of an emergency pack, Go Bag, or Bug Out Bag.

The ARK Bag and ASAP Survival Gear Bug Out Bag

The ARK Bag and ASAP Survival Gear Bug Out Bag

What is a Bug Out Bag, or a Go Bag?

A Go/Bug Out Bag is some type of pack pre-stocked with emergency supplies that is staged in case there’s a crisis, whether natural or manmade. People have posted innumerable videos and articles written about these emergency bags.

In this article, we will address two primary subjects:

  • how to keep your valuable equipment rust/corrosion free during long term storage
  • the concept or idea of having a “bug out gun” in your pack and what qualifies as a bug out gun.

The ARK Bag

Anything electronic or made of carbon-based steel is subject to rust and corrosion during long term storage. Depending on your climate this may happen sooner versus later. I would hate to open my Go Bag and discover that the connections in my flashlight, or the batteries, have corroded from moisture and now do not work. The same applies to an emergency cell phone or portable radios.

Crossbreed Holsters is famous for its superior quality hybrid holsters and gun belts. They recently came up with a great solution for long term storage. They call it the ARK Bag, like Noah’s Ark. The ARK Resister Bag is 22 inches by 19.5 inches and weighs a few ounces when empty. The bag is constructed of a proprietary material that acts like a Faraday Cage, or Shield. It also prevents the build-up of condensation or moisture.

The ARK Resister Bag protects contents from static electricity and electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Though it will not matter much inside of a pack, the ARK Bag also prevents any light or UV radiation from reaching its contents. When sealed, the ARK Bag protects contents from electric impulse, moisture, and dust.

The Ark Bag with Hi Point C9, SureFire G2, Blackhawk Garra, a Pocket Life Saver, and Black Hills Ammunition

Bug Out Gun

The idea of having a firearm stored in a Bug Out Bag is not exactly groundbreaking or revolutionary. All the items stored inside the bag are designed to be life-savers. Some basics are things like:

It does almost no good to have a backpack full of emergency supplies during a crisis if some crackhead with a broken bottle can take it away from you. Yes. I understand that you should be carrying a gun on your person. Nonetheless, having a defensive tool inside the emergency pack is a valid idea.

What guns make a good Bug Out Gun?

The short answer you are looking for is a plain, inexpensive, but functional firearm. If your Bug Out gun is cool, sexy, or a sentimental favorite, you will not want to store it for months or years inside of a backpack. The gun you are looking for is the one that will work every time but is not a favorite.

One of my top choices for a Bug Out Gun is the Hi-Point C9 9mm pistol. Hi-Points are inexpensive and the 9mm versions are easy for anyone, male or female, to shoot. Regardless of your personal opinion about Hi-Point guns; they work. They go bang every time!

The Ark Bag “Unbagging”

The Test

Over a year before writing this article, I placed some Bug Out Bag EDC (every day carry) essentials into an ARK Bag. For “Lethal”, I added a Hi-Point C9 9mm pistol and spare magazine. For “Sharp”, I chose a Blackhawk folding knife. The “Bright” I included is a Surefire G2 flashlight with batteries. Lastly, for “Medical, I added a Pocket Lifesaver Med Kit. I sealed it up with Gorilla tape.

I put the loaded and sealed ARK Bag into a backpack that was also loaded with food, water, and extra medical gear. This Go Bag was stored on a shelf in an attached garage. After six or seven months of storage, we had to move to Salt Lake City. The pack was moved to another set of shelves in a secured garage.

Recently, I decided to open up the ARK Bag to have a look inside and verify that it was working as advertised. We even did a Student of the Gun Live “unbagging” video on Facebook and opened the bag for the world to see.

The results of our experiment were reliable. The Surefire G2 light worked and the batteries were corrosion-free. The carbon steel folding knife showed no signs of rust. The Hi-Point C9, the ammunition, and the spare blue steel magazine all looked as if they were just taken out of the factory packaging.  Long story short, all the contents of the ARK Bag were 100 percent rust and corrosion free.

The bag worked exactly as advertised.

ASAP Survaival Gear Backpack - Bug Out Bag/Go Bag

Cost Effective Insurance

If you are serious about being a prepared person, that means having gear packed for long term storage and at the ready. You might even spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on emergency radios and communication gear. Now, imagine how you might feel if you opened your bag after only a year or two of storage and found all your batteries have corroded or that the weather has damaged your electronics.

Crossbreed Holsters has the ARK Bags listed for about $20 on their website. A $20 investment is a cost-effective way to ensure that your Bug Out Bag gear, including defensive tools, is in top condition if you should ever need them. The choice is up to you. Be sure that you are making an informed decision.

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